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Congratulations, Chiya, on finishing Choices!

Be sure to check out novembersnow's latest fall drabble.

This, a run-down of the new model Republican party platform, is something everyone should read. Especially if you're a Republican or even a moderate-conservative. Thanks, Toby, for the link. :-*

This was sent to me by suaine. I have to share an excerpt for those of you who may not have an nyt online subscription:

No administration in memory has made paeans to the president's character - his "honor and integrity" - so central to its political strategy. Nor has any previous administration been so determined to portray the president as a hero, going so far as to pose him in line with the heads on Mount Rushmore, or arrange that landing on the aircraft carrier. Surely, then, Mr. Bush's critics have the right to point out that the life story of the man inside the flight suit isn't particularly heroic - that he has never taken a risk or made a sacrifice for the sake of his country, and that his business career is a story of murky deals and insider privilege. In the months after 9/11, a shocked nation wanted to believe the best of its leader, and Mr. Bush was treated with reverence. But he abused the trust placed in him,
pushing a partisan agenda that has left the nation weakened and divided. Yes, I know that's a rude thing to say. But it's also the truth.

Why have we been letting them get away with this for this long? Why?

Perhaps it's because people like me have simply waited too long to get involved. The day I made that post with all the links, on the 6th, I also printed and filled out a new voter registration form, courtesy of the handy thing on the Human Rights Coalition website. I didn't even know I was supposed to fill out a new form. Whoops.

I meant to take it to the Voter registration office that day, but i've been so distracted and busy that I didn't get a chance to do it until yesterday. So yesterday, I turned it in.

Guess when the cutoff date was for registering for next month's elections? October 6th. If I'd turned it in the day I printed out the form, I'd be able to vote in the city elections next month. But because I didn't, I can only vote for county, not municipal, elections this year--and of course there are no county elections this year.

I am so mad at myself for this. I should have known, I should have been more informed. I kept asking the lady at the office if there was anything she could do, any loophole--I mean, after all, I hadsigned and dated the thing on Oct. 6. She was apologetic, but firm. There would be no circumventing democracy for me. I wanted to ask her, why, if George Bush could break the law and prevent thousands of votes from black Americans in Florida from being counted during the 2000 elections, couldn't I break the law and backdate my vote by a measley 3 days?

Sigh. Not to mention that it took me over an hour researching the elections online to even find out where to turn in my registration. I could have called but I was thinking, 'no, i'm not near a phone, it'll be faster to look it up this way'-- I was wrong. In fact everything I found pertaining to local elections, candidates, procedures, was a confused muddle of vague unmarked district maps and links that went nowhere. Yeesh. Ever since Bush took the 2000 election, I've been trying to be more politically active. But dude. How am I supposed to be an informed voter if I can't even find out where to go to register to vote?

In other news, I've been trying for weeks to come up with something interesting enough for this four truths, one lie meme, but I've been reading all of yours and it's intimidating because I feel like all of my truths are either totally obvious or totally boring and uninteresting. Be that as it may, here goes:

(This is like Balderdash for LJ, isn't it? Which reminds me--members of Soulstice, you are not allowed to play. :D)

Which one is the lie?

The first and only time I went to visit my relatives in Delaware, I was pushing my aunt in the porch swing when I accidentally stepped off the back of the porch and took my aunt with me. She fell into a rosebush. Oddly enough, I was never invited back.
My first job was working at the world's first free-standing Chic-Fil-A.
I learned how to square dance at the home of the architect who designed the White House.
When I was in 8th grade I was in the National Spelling Bee.
I once wrote a short play for a contest. When it was performed, the audience threw tomatoes.


edit: What?! *points to resmiranda's post and splutters*

According to SunnComm's CEO, 'No matter what their credentials or rationale, it is wrong to use one's knowledge and the cover of academia to facilitate piracy and theft of digital property.'"

I wish I could say I was baffled by this, but I'm just outraged. We live in an environment where this kind of rationale, of censorship and corporate doctrine, is rapidly becoming the norm.

Ugh. It makes me want to go burn a cd on principle.


edit: And still one more thing I think everyone should read.

As most of you know our government's claims of "proof" that saddam was involved with al Qaeda or in making weapons of mass destruction, are very, very shaky. One of the president's strongest claims, made in his state of the union address, was that Hussein had ordered uranium and other materials from Nigeria.

However, this claim was an outright lie. There was no such sale. The documents had been forged, and the official from Niger who had supposedly "approved" the necessary papers for the sale and supply of these WMD materials, had actually been dead for more than a decade.

So, government official Joseph Wilson investigated the claims, found it to be false, and reported back to the government. Which totally ignored his findings and stonewalled him after he went to the NY Times with his assertion that the Bush Administration was lying through their teeth.

You may have heard about the recent and mysterious outing of a CIA agent, apparently by someone within the government. What I didn't know is that the agent who was outed was in fact Joseph Wilson's wife. This article makes the connection plain, and implies strongly that whoever outed the agent did so in order to intimidate others like Wilson from coming forward with other truths to dispel this myth of Hussein and his WMDs.

Okay. Done now. Promise.


Okay. I lied. Read. thanks to kerrikins for the link.

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