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I want to thank everybody who commented on my posts from last night. I was so happy. I know in the scheme of things it's just a really little tiny victory, but just the knowledge that you can still do something you honestly thought you would never get to do again, has to be one of the most joyous things anybody could feel, and it meant a lot, a lot, to be able to share that with so many of you. *hugs* Am still working on replying, but I think I've added everybody to the RL filter who wanted to be added (on both journals--if you still can't see it, gah! just poke me or something. :) )

I haven't even read the state of the union yet. I read the summary of it in the Times. Sigh. I had known previously due to thebratqueen's post that the Resident was planning on mentioning gay marriage. But the fact that he's made it the central "values" issue in a speech filled with hypocrisy and propaganda and lies, just sort of boggles me. The New York Times called it disheartening; I see it as utterly preposterous, and a direct attack on my civil liberties and the civil liberties of every American.

I hate that man.

We just can't let him win in November, folks. We can't. The only way to do it is to educate yourselves and then educate your voting family members and friends. You have to talk to them. We all do. We can't let it slip aside; we have to do our part and reach the people we know we can reach. Open-mindedness can't be granted; it has to be taught; sometimes for the teacher, it has to be won through hard arguments.

There must be at least one person that each of us knows who will listen to our arguments and think seriously about what we have to say--who knows that it must be important or we wouldn't be saying it. For me that person is my mom; there is someone like that for each one of you, I am convinced of it.

People, this is an argument we have to win. Seriously. We cannot stick around for another four years of George Bush.

President Bush has made gay marriage a significant point of debate. This is an argument we can fight. It *doesn't make sense*; it is *unconstitutional*; it is a direct and specific attack on civil liberties *protected* under the 14th amendment of the Constitution. It is ILLEGAL.

I really believe that when asked point blank if they would approve the passage of the first and *only* amendment to the federal constitution that *infringes* upon an individual right---not counting the Prohibition Amendment, and you know how well that went over--most people would squirm uncomfortably and then say no. Stick it to them. If they still continue to talk about how they don't agree with it, then ask them about their economic views; if they're a fiscal conservative they'll probably say that they feel that every person ought to be able to spend his or her money the way they want to. Ask them if they feel that the government should be allowed to get away with telling people how their money should be spent. probably 10 times out of 10 they'll say no. Then ask them why the government has any business telling people who they should get to marry. *Then* ask them why they think that if we give the government the right to ban gay marriages, why the conservatives and Bush won't take it into their head to make something else illegal next--divorce, maybe, or single-parent families; or maybe Muslims or Jews or Buddhists. *Then* ask them if they've ever heard the phrase, "If you tolerate this, then your children will be next."

Be brutal. This isn't a polite fight anymore. This is a fight for your rights. This is a fight for the rights of every citizen to *not* live in a nation where our social values are determined by the far religious right. I don't care how many analogies to Nazi Germany it takes to get people to THINK, to open their eyes, to *see* what is happening around us. This is not fandom wank, and we have to speak out. All of us. We can't count on just our votes; we have to persuade people to see that no matter *who* the opposing candidate is, a vote for another 4 years' of the Bush administration is the absolute *worst* thing our country, and our world, needs right now. We have to speak loudly and vociferously and strenously for the next 9 months. Because this is a fight that we just can't lose.

Those of us who are Anti-Bush have the upper hand on every. single. issue in this election. The facts outweigh all of Bush's propaganda. If you have someone who is all gung ho for the war on Iraq, ask them how they will feel about it when Bush has to reinstate the draft to keep his stupid war going because both re-enlistment and recruitment are at an all-time low. Ask them how they will feel about it when it is proven that Bush fabricated evidence to support his war? They supported the impeachment of Pres. Clinton for lying, didn't they? Where is that cry for honesty now?

If you have someone who is rich and wants to keep it that way, describe to them a world where America's money actually circulates in American economies again, instead of going, thanks to Bush's economic policies, to line the pockets of rich corporations who turn around and invest it in developing countries so that they can charge us more for goods manufactured overseas in sweatshops where they pay workers 5 cents an hour for 18 hour days, all so they can turn a pretty profit, cut the pay of their employees, give their CEOs and directors million-dollar salary increases, and then look forward to a nice additional tax cut from Bush for being lucky enough to be in the highest tax bracket. Ask this person how many people they know who have been laid off or had members of their family laid off by corporations cutting payrolls and cutting jobs, closing factories and moving overseas. Ask them how many independent businesses they've seen close in the last 10 years due to giant corporations driving local stores out of business. Ask this person how long this kind of economic inquisition can continue without leading to an ultimate catastrophe when giant corporations don't have anyone else left to bilk, steal from, or screw over, except themselves? Ask them if they'd hand a chainsaw over to someone who's just cut off their arm and shows no sign of caring that they're bleeding all over the place? Why then are they going to give Bush another chainsaw so that he can continue to hack away at America's small towns, middle classes, working class and poor, its local communities, and the heart of its industries?

And if all of that doesn't make a dent, start quoting the bible at them, haha. The good Samaritan. The rich man and Lazarus. Hell, there's barely a page where Christ isn't going off about how much rich people suck. Use that! Get your conservative Christians where it hurts! Mention 1984! Mention Aldous Huxley! Mention 1929 and the Great Depression! I don't care if you have to put the fear of almighty Karl Marx into them, but fucking use whatever you have to in order to get people to see how devastating Bush's economic and social policies have been.

And if none of that changes their mind move on to someone who will listen to you. There *are* people out there who will listen, who will think, who just possibly might change their minds.

I am sure that we can all reach them if we just make the effort. We have 9 months. Surely we can do it.

Sigh. I don't want to think about what the next 4 years will consist of if we don't.

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