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Did I ever mention my first fandom was the Austen fandom? :)

My dearest Lizzie,

I have some news which will, I fear, come as a terrible shock to you. I hope that it may cause you no pain, for I assure I am not injured—although I dare not hope the same of your husband, whom I fear the news will in no little part dismay.

I know you will be incapable of triumphing at my expense, though I suspect you will not be wholly surprised. Forgive me! I do not mean to alarm you, but I am still in a swivet as I write this. Rest assured I am well; the baby is well. As for Mr. Collins--

Lizzie, it appears that in my choice of husband I have proven wholly mistaken. When I told you that it is better to know as little in advance of the defects of one's partner as possible, I never dreamed that I would find myself with such a spouse and in such a situation.

To put it bluntly: your cousin Mr. Collins has gone off with Lady Catherine De Bourgh.

"Great God, I knew it," ejaculated Elizabeth in the greatest astonishment, formally resolving that nothing would ever surprise her again.

Pimpage! Vote vote vote while there is still time! Two of my fics are neck and neck and I am all agog to see which of them will win! :o (Also, if luw wins, i may do commentary on "the reader" too anyway, because i am so blown away by the votes and the things you guys have said about it. and because it would make Diana smile. major major ♥♥♥♥ here.)

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