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I watched PotC for a bit tonight in between work shifts.

I am starting to see the Sparrington, honestly, if only because, dude, if I were Commodore Norrington, there'd be no way I'd let Jack Sparrow go free after that wild goose chase across the ocean. I mean, not only does he get his fastest ship blown to smithereens, he loses half his crew, nearly has his best ship taken by invincible pirates, loses the ship he was originally chasing to another set of pirates, and then doesn't even get the girl he's doing all this for to begin with. And all because of bloody Cap'n Jack Sparrow. If I were him, I'd be pissed as hell, and the last thing I'd want to do would be to let him go so he could cause me even more trouble.

Unless, of course, I'd discovered in the interim that for a pirate Jack was bloody sexy wasn't so bad when he was right next to me growling things in my ear trying to play the opportunist and help at the same time.

Oh, yeah. I can see it. Either I'm getting more perceptive, or I've just watched the damn movie one too many times.

I was wondering this morning. The HP fandom is blessed with lots of lawyers.

I was just wondering: are there any doctors in the house? I guess when rubydebrazier has gotten her residency, she'll count. :) But beyond that? Is the general assumption that doctors are much too busy to read fanfic?

Am just curious.

Also, am about to make a filtered post. If you can see it, you are a guy. If you can't see it and you're a guy, please let me know so I can add you to my boys-only filter. If you can see it and you aren't a guy, erm, then please accept my embarrassed apologies and set me straight about that as well. :)

Well, honestly. You never know when a boys-only filter might come in handy. *bats eyes*

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