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eye frottage.

bookshop: oh, that is what i was going to do! i was going to unzip once upon a time in mexico and see if i could make screencaps
bookshop:*suddenly wide awake!*
orphne: oh dear
bookshop: you realise that my whole strange fascination with eyesocket fucking is due to this movie
bookshop: dave and i were having a conversation about it last night at steak and shake, haha.
bookshop: it was very funny
orphne: oh, YUMMY
bookshop: well, actually it was on the way there
bookshop: but it was still such a funny subject to actually talk about
orphne: oh, that's okay then. nothing gives me an appetite more than eyesocket fucks
bookshop: because he was arguing that if you actually tried to fuck an eyesocket you'd end up killing the person
orphne: you do!!!
orphne: the eyesocket isn't that deep
orphne: and just behind it is the brain
bookshop: and i was all, you wouldn't have to fuck them, just stick the head in and wiggle it around a little!
orphne: ow ow ow
orphne: well, that isn't really fun
bookshop: and he was all, "but the eyesocket isn't that deep!"
bookshop: and then he was all, "and the person getting fucked would feel nothing!"
orphne: well.
orphne: maybe pain
bookshop: and i was like, "yes, but the novelty of having a cock in your eye would more than make up for it!"
bookshop: and by that time we were both laughing too hard to continue
orphne: it's very disturbing
bookshop: it could be managed if you just sort of inserted the tip, right?
bookshop: there wouldn't be as much pain then?
orphne: ...I wouldn't know
orphne: probably not
orphne: it would probably be like putting a glass eye in or something
bookshop: or maybe you could just, like, fuck their mouth and then come in their eye.
bookshop: it seems like there ought to be some kind of way to get creative with it without endangering your unfortunately eyeless partner
bookshop:i'm just saying
orphne: well, it's EYE FUCKING
orphne: you could probably just rub yourself against the socket
bookshop: well, okay, maybe they need to call it something that more accurately describes rubbing or something
bookshop: yes! EYE FROTTAGE!
orphne: eyesocket humping?
bookshop: even the act of, like, ...tonguing it.
orphne: haha, that makes me think of two eyes rubbing against each other
bookshop: hahaha.
orphne: tonguing it.
bookshop: oh dear.
orphne: the eyesocket?
bookshop: one day i will write eyesocket smut! yes! tonguing the, erm, socket
orphne: oh dear. I can't wait for that day
bookshop: my file has frozen again. wah.
orphne: eek
orphne: that sucks
bookshop:it haaaaaaaaates me
orphne: it disapproves of eye frottage
bookshop:You are just miffed you did not think of eye frottage first
orphne: pshaw
bookshop:Eye Frottage. It will take over the world.
orphne: !!!
bookshop: but first i think it will start by taking over livejournal.
orphne: write eye frottage in every fandom
bookshop: well, naturally there must be harry/draco eye frottage
orphne: who's the eye socket?
bookshop: Draco.
orphne: I don't think he'll be happy about that
orphne: plus there's the whole thing about harry's green eyes
orphne: he has to lose one!
bookshop: he does? so he can be the blind hero? that makes sense.
orphne: isn't there like an odin theory floating around?
bookshop: also harry would probably look really hot with gouged-out eyes and blood running down his cheeks.
bookshop: draco might just look really washed out.
orphne: you must write it
orphne: harry loses an eye after the last battle
orphne: eye frottage hurt/comfort
bookshop: HAHAHAHA.
bookshop: HAHAHA.
bookshop: Hahahaha. "Here, Harry, you're safe now!" *prod prod prod* "Draco, what are you doing to my--" "Shhh, it's okay. Daddy's here." *poke poke poke*
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