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jc's milkshake brings all the nfl boys to the yard.

Chasez had initially planned to perform "Some Girls (Dance with Women)," a song from his upcoming solo album, during halftime of the NFL Pro Bowl this weekend.

The singer said in a statement that the NFL expressed concern over some of his lyrics, and asked him to perform "Blowin' Me Up (With Her Love)" instead.

......riiight. Because there's nothing suggestive at ALL about a song called "Blowin' Me Up." (She was oh so tight like dynamite? I mean, come on.) Thanks, National Football League, for taking it upon yourselves to tell us what's decent and what isn't, and doing a lousy job of it.

Not only that, but their reasoning for cancelling the show after making JC change the song is even more ludicrous:

"We thought it was over the top," McCarthy told TelevisionWeek.com. "It was because of the song, and how we believed it was going to be choreographed. We wanted to go in a different direction."

McCarthy said that Chasez had
not (emphasis mine) been holding rehearsals at the Pro Bowl. As a result, the NFL made a preemptive strike.

So... they made an assumption about the immorality of a program they hadn't seen, rather than one they had? Jesus Christ. Does anybody else find ironic the fact that the spokesperson here is named McCARTHY? And check this out if you're experiencing a distinct feeling of deja vu:

Federal Communications Commission chairman Michael Powell on Monday announced an "immediate investigation" into the MTV-produced and CBS-aired "classless, crass and deplorable stunt."

No word on whether Ms. Jackson, her bosom or Justin Timberlake, whose grab precipitated the wardrobe malfunction TiVo'd around the world, would be called to Washington, D.C., to testify.
(emphasis mine again)

So, because executives at CBS approved a half-time show produced by MTV, the performers themselves are being summoned to testify at a federal committees? What are they going to testify to? "Your honor, I swear when I reached over and grabbed her top I didn't know anything would fall out!"

This is ridiculous. I don't know if this kind of exorbitant overreaction is just a reminder of how rabid the American conservative movement has become, or a reminder that we're in a political election year and everybody wants to suddenly pretend like they care about cleaning up America's airwaves. You want to clean up your fucking airwaves, American football? Maybe you could start by putting some clothes on your cheerleaders. Funny how I don't hear anybody complaining. (those are the Patriots cheeleaders, by the way, all decked out in red, blue, and flesh.)

JC certainly seemed to see the connotations and the hypocrisy behind all of this, as he said in his statement when he withdrew his performance from the program:

"While I agree the mishap at the Super Bowl was a huge mistake, the NFL's shallow effort to portray my music as sexually indecent brings to mind another era when innocent artists were smeared with a broad brush by insecure but powerful people," Chasez stated. "That's not the America I love."

You tell 'em, J.C. Even if you're just cashing in on the opportunity to boost your publicity, you tell 'em. Hey, Cathryn, come on over here, your boy's lookin' mighty fine.

Just for comparison's sake, here are the lyrics to the song JC originally wanted to perform--and here are the lyrics to the song the NFL wanted him to sing instead.

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