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Fic pimping. :D

I don't think I've ever actually done this before, recced a fic before it was actually posted; but dude, I have to. I'm at work for another hour, and I'm sitting here wanting to squee and be exuberant only I can't because my co-workers would think I was on drugs. And I'm not really; I've just been reading a fanfic that's so incredibly good.

Some of you may know I had the good fortune to volunteer to read geoviki's latest novel-length fic, A Thousand Beautiful Things. I didn't sign on to do an exhaustive beta, just an overview. However, when I read the first draft, it was so good that I was absolutely floored, and I wound up writing her over 30 pages worth of notes. I'm in the middle of reading the 3rd draft right now, and I'm not even done with it. I haven't even written her about it yet, haha.

I just had to come to LJ and exclaim, because I'm so excited about this fic. I have been for weeks but the final draft has just gotten that much better--her revision process is so thorough and meticulous and inventive that I've been sitting here for the last half hour going WOW over and over again.

I have no idea when she's posting it, but oh, I hope the sooner the better.

Fic readers, if you loved the imaginative plot and strong characterisations of Transfigurations and Tissue of Silver, you are going. to. LOVE. A Thousand Beautiful Things. I think it's far and away one of the best and strongest full-length H/D fics I've ever read. I can't wait til she posts it so I can read it a fourth time. Can't wait can't wait can't wait.

A Thousand Beautiful Things. Coming soon. Rest assured there will be another post like this one pointing you all to it the moment she posts it.

Yay. Massive ♥ for geoviki and her family tonight. <333333

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