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Sort of a real-life/fandomish update. But mostly just a squee.

Lately I have been, just, really enjoying being alive. Life has been good. Life is always good; just last year I was still climbing out of a long low slump that had lasted for a couple of years or more, and I felt alien to myself--my perspective was not my perspective; It was the perspective of someone who had had a rotten time, who had forgotten what it meant to enjoy every day as it was given to her becaus she was so caught up in a million different stressful things. I have said over and over again that I was not myself last year; But it's only just, being aware and being alive, and being joyful in every day, that I'm finally realising just how much unlike myself I'd become. This is me--positive and upbeat and joyful and smart and social and determined.

I thought, for a long while, that I'd lost myself. But no. Here I am. Hello, me. Aren't you looking lovely.

This has been an especially good week for me. On Sunday I got invited to stand-in at a meeting of 2 state committees for 2 different state organizations promoting the cause of gay rights and same-sex marriage. On Monday, men and women in Massachusetts began to legally wed members of the same sex for the first time in history. On Wednesday, the city council finally announced that it had written and sent a letter to the President of the United States and all members of the state legislature, which states that the city of Bloomington opposes constitutional amendments at both the state and federal levels, and that the city will continue to advance the cause of equality. I love, love, love my town. The document was signed by every member of the city council save one of the council's two Republicans; the sponsoring member of the council acknowledged BloomingPride's efforts in getting the action taken.

On Thursday I was invited to join the Steering Committee for the Southern chapter of Indiana Equality, one of the 2 group meetings I attended on Sunday. Indiana Equality is essentially doing what BloomingPride is trying to do, only on the state level, and with a lot more effort and focus. Of course, I said yes. Am meeting them tomorrow. Am terribly excited.

Also on Thursday, the guy I've been slowly developing a very tiny crush on for a few months now told me he'd broken up with his girlfriend--and gave me his phone number. Crush is still tiny, but it's been so long since I've had a real interest in anyone who wasn't in the fandom that it still feels really good. Yay. This, mind you, is the heterosexual male who, when he found out I wrote Harry Potter slash, asked to read it. I think I like that. :D

Oh, yeah, and I'm sending LUW off to my betas for a second round tomorrow (enarte, this means you too). This is largely due to orphne threatening to sign my email account up for every spam mailer in the known universe if I didn't just sit down and do the damn thing already, and I am very grateful to her for it. It will be done, and posted, hopefully before I leave on the 1st.

Dude. Raise your hand if you're going to be in New York at the Imax showing of PoA, or if you're going to be in Rhode Island. I want a head count!!! I want to know exactly who I get to look forward to meeting in a week and a half. :D

Oh, and, since I haven't done this yet:



My two favorite colors. Hee. ♥

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