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There are so many parts of this movie that I would love to take as "canon." Not all of it, but a whole lot. Snape's begruding, but always protective attitude toward Harry, The large number of students per year. The Gryffindor boys having pillow fights. Draco's penchant for sending Harry stupid crushlike notes in class, and Harry's penchant for unfolding and reading them anyway. <33333333333

One big thing I would like to take as canon: certain part sof the Marauder's Map. I've been looking but I haven't seen anybody mention this yet. How many people got a good look at the Marauder's Map? Among the inhabitants shown wandering about the castle when Harry looks at it for the first time are Bathilda Bagshot and... Newt Scamander! I know these things are definitely not possible canonically, but wouldn't it be great to pretend that Newt Scamander is a professor? :D

Also shown on the Marauder's Map was something called--wait for it-- The Room of Doom. Dude. The Room. of. Doom.

I ship Room of Doom/Room of Requirement. I am making The Room of Doom canon and no one can stop me. I must go write Room of Doom fic now.

I regret that I won't be able to see the movie again for like 2 weeks because I would really love to watch it every day for the rest of the month. Each of the three times I saw it last week there was always something, many things, new to absorb:

Like the way Petunia is sitting wringing her hands uncomfortably on the dining room table when Marge is insulting her sister.

Like the way you can barely make out Hermione in the background during the first casting of the Patronus when Harry sees himself.

Like--who the hell are all the new Gryffindors? What is it with the pudgy student with the droll, bleak voice and the penchant for being cryptic? "It's like trying to catch smoke with your bare hands." Right. I have decided I shall call Mysterious Cryptic Gryffindor Dylan Thomas.

On the other hand, I loved Parvati and Lavender, and loved seeing Harry and Seamus interacting--but where was Colin? I missed Colin.

I loved the details of this film. spare_change already noted how dense it was, and that's the word I was looking for. There were just *so* many details, and every time I think about it, I think of more. You could obviously spend an entire day at Hogwarts talking to all the paintings in just one room. Other people have mentioned it but I will mention it too--the way Aunt Marge's pantyhose burst into runs, I *loved* that, and the way the cuts on Harry's cheeks formed just from the ice around him from the Dementors when he was flying. I loved that too. Professor Lupin listens to swing music? That is so, so perfect and brilliant, in a way. It's one part subtle camp, 2 parts subtle your favorite eccentric history teacher. I loved it.

I loved how steeped in self-awareness, metaphor, and irony this film was. I loved that they had Sir Cadogan in the background even though they couldn't make a space for his character in the film. Ron's candy turning him into the typical Gryffindor lion (I disagree that Ron is the quintessential Gryffindor, but I appreciated the reference nonetheless). The tableau behind Hagrid when he's telling them about Buckbeak's sentence: Harry off to the side, completely separate from Ron & Hermione. And the ironic reference to Buckbeat eating the ferret. :D The way the Leaky Cauldron is magical without emphasis--Chris Columbus would have had us go, "Look, they're putting chairs away using only magic! Oooh!" Cuaron, however, knows that the thing that really stands out at The Leaky Cauldron is not the use of everyday normal magical housekeeping, or magic of any other kind---but the intellectual in the corner who's reading A Brief History of Time. You can also tell the ways in which the knowledge of Sirius's death in book 5 informs the film too--for instance, the fact that Dumbledore's line where he tells Harry, "the dead we love never truly leave us" was given to Sirius in the film. It means so much more, in retrospect, coming from him.

The lycanthropy-as-metaphor-for-homosexuality theme: I don't remember ever making this connection before, but I got a whiff of it from weatherby and stormywynd's LJ before I saw the film again on Saturday; and it works; I believe it absolutely is there intentionally.

Remus' speech at the end. 'In the morning, the letters will start coming from parents all over the country; "people like me... let's just say we're used to it" ...' Oh, yes. Definitely intentionally; and I think that taking it in that context, the much-discussed love between Sirius and Remus becomes more the provenance of a kind of gay lit discussion, rather than a slash discussion. I was trying to articulate this to my party on the ride home from NYC the other night, and I'm not sure how well I did it: but I think that ultimately, until JKR says yes or no to the question of are they or aren't they, or at least says "yes, the implication is there intentionally", then Sirius/Remus is not canon. However, I think that the question of whether Sirius & Remus are lovers makes the issue of homosexuality and its social context directly relevant to canon in a way that slash & fanfic do not. Namely, I think after this film, I see the Sirius/Remus relationship not as a slash ship, but as an intentional subtext that informs the text, while not being explicitly canon.

That said, write as much fanfic as you want. :)

Kash pointed this out to me, and I will point it out too because I can: in the scene where Remus teaches Harry to produce the Patronus, Harry finally trades in his by-now-too-familiar jacket for... a cardigan! Just like the one Remus is wearing! Awww! How cute and hero-worshipy is that? I love it because it subtly illustrates how needy Harry is in so many ways for adults in his life who can be his friend as well as his mentor. And it also highlights the strongly positive way Harry reacts to Sirius at the end--as penknife says in her review, the way they click instantly underscores Harry's desire for love and affection and the almost instant way Sirius fills a gap that has been missing in Harry's life. And as discussed above, it gives Sirius' parting words to Harry much more resonance and depth.

People have been complaining about all the things that weren't canonical in this film, but I honestly saw very little instance of that at all; I thought in terms of what they managed to include and how streamlined the film felt, this film was much more canonical than the first two; and, with the exception of giving Ron's lines evincing his loyalty/bravery/something-other-than-comic-reliefness to Hermione, everything they changed in the film, I honestly believe they changed for the better. Such as the way Harry breaks away from Snape's protection to go save Sirius. The giving of Dumbledore's line to Sirius. Hermione having to *realise* that they had to make things happen because they'd already happened during the time-turner trip. Allowing Harry to notice Peter Pettigrew when he looked at the map, because that solved the vital problem of why he hadn't ever done so in the books whenever Scabbers was roaming about, and allowed Remus to have a reason to notice it himself. The way they avoided the unlikelihood of Draco freaking out at seeing Harry's head appearing out of mid-air by just not having it happen at all. A theatre-going audience would probably have expected him to know instantly that it was Harry and not a ghost, and respond by punching him; or at the very least by drawing "♥ Draco loves Harry ♥" in the snow before he threw a snowball at him.

All in all, I really thought it was the most canonical of the films; and I say that simply because it was trying very obviously not just to reproduce canon--I think Cuaron knows you can't, and that that's partly where Columbus failed--but to interpret canon. It's obvious that Cuaron's interpretation includes things like Dark!FutureBetrayer!Ron and Ron/Hermione, that don't quite gel with my own interpretation--but that doesn't mean I didn't love watching his vision of the film unfold. And in fact, on subsequent viewings after the initial one, I found a whole heck of a lot of one-sided!Hermione/Harry in this film, which matches the direction I feel the books take currently: namely, Ron is crushing on Hermione, who is crushing on Harry, who is in love with his Angst. I think that Cuaron ultimately was choosing to play up the textual aspect of the books, which is obviously R/H, but keeping his cards close to the chest and not letting an obvious Hermione/Harry subtext escape either.

And I think Cuaron expects us all by now to just take it for granted that Malfoy is gay, gay, gay as a maypole painted with daisies.

I feel like I have a lot more to say still, which means there will probably be still yet another post about this film at some point. But for now, I think I will leave it as one big YAY. How I loved it.

At the IMAX: Wow. That was quite a treat, wasn't it? We had a fabulous time while we were there, and it was great to say hello to New York again. I wish that staying in line hadn't been such a necessity at the beginning, because I would like to have mingled a lot more and said hello to more people. As it was, it was absolutely lovely getting to say hi to everyone, including: weatherby, and titanicdays and aegeus, muffinbutt and dezikitty, ari_o and her sweetie, ali_wildgoose and hers, debellatrix, heidi8, Aje's Blue, lissanne, heinous_bitca, maybethemoon, lifeinwords, clio_the_museand lunacy. I also ran into yahtzee63, whose H/D fic "Masked" I have had bookmarked all week to read when I got back--this was the first time I've ever gotten to fangirl somebody for a fic before I've read it. :D And in the theatre itself--well. You know you're in a good crowd when half the audience starts whistling the moment Draco steps forward and quite obviously checks out Harry. I want a shirt that says I ♥ fandom. I do, I do, I do.

Oh! I almost forgot, hahaha. Apparently somebody at the ROIM line party Fri. night was apparently loudly declaring to everyone, while refusing to give her name, that if she saw me she intended to kick my ass. Since she refused to tell anyone what her issue was, I am left to assume that she must have sobered up and realised she had none--especially since I survived the harrowing IMAX experience with all my limbs intact. If any of you happen to see her, kindly tell her that I am available for wanking any time, but that if she wants to kick my ass, she'll have to come here, or else wait til the next time I'm in New York. I really hope that such time comes sooner rather than later, because I love New York, I really do.

Not that I didn't like Rhode Island too--in fact, I really really wish I could have had one, maybe two, more days in RI to just soak up the place. I really, really liked Providence: it was a clean, quiet, friendly town with a penchant for wall-to-wall carpeting, and it seemed to be trying so eagerly to make you like it. It did not have to try all that hard. I liked Newport too, and I wish I could have seen more of it. Newport is all, "Look at our pretty Bridge!" and I am all, *takes pictures frantically of ocean!* while Kash is going, "There's some ocean over there I think you missed."

I had forgotten how good New England seafood is, too--I had the best lobster and scallop and shrimp while we were there I think I've ever eaten in my life. Mostly we spent our days running around the state--Rhode Island is literally the only place you can spend a day actually running around the entire state--eating seafood and shopping and talking about canon. This was really all we did: ride around, eat, shop, stay up too late, and talk about canon. We managed to hit Boston (only at night, though), Providence, and NYC all in 4 days, all while talking about canon. :D I wish all my vacations could feel this productive. :D

I spent most of my vacation with primroseburrows, patchfire and diamond_dust06. I stayed with Kelly and Kash among others at Nimbus last year. Ben I just met, but he earned my eternal love for putting up with us constantly talking about Harry/Draco and fandom things he didn't know about, and for not cursing at us in Yiddish when Kelly and I tried to sing Fiddler on the Roof as redone by various punk rock bands ("ANATEVKA ANATEVKA!"). We stayed with Kelly, who has a beautiful family, not excluding her dog and 2 cats. Kelly is absolutely wonderful and I love her--although, bless her, trying to drive around on her directions is one of the funniest things in the world:

Kelly: Turn right.
You: *turn right*
Kelly: Why are we turning right?
You: You told me to turn right!
Kelly: I did?

<33333 Kelly. Her 14-year-old son, Isaac, is a total delight, and it's just impossible not to fall in love with him. We went to his school recorder concert. He played solos. How many of you, really, can say you've been to a New England junior high school recorder concert? Well, I am one of the proud few. Afterwards Ben and I were trying to label his classmates according to their Hogwarts counterparts, and Isaac helpfully offers, "No, he's not Malfoy, he's Crabbe. The one beside him--now that's Malfoy."

Isaac: Everyone in this car is bisexual but me.
You: You can be bisexual for the rest of this car ride.
Isaac: Okay. *to Draco doll* I love you, Draco.

We got to hang out on Friday night with Erica, who is as always a joy to be around. We went down to visit Providence and they happened to be doing a special Pride March version of Waterfire, which is this gorgeous artsy-type thing where they light fires all along the river and play music all through the night. It was really really nice. And then we were joined by Erica's brother Daniel on Sat. morning. Daniel is totally hot and intelligent and quiet (namely, the male version of dancingrain), and he tends to sit listening keenly to everything around him, all with a pleasant, laidback smile. So, whenever the girls all wound up talking about fandom, the boys would all be like:

Ben: I have no idea what you're talking about. *dons headphones*
Daniel: *listens, smiles*
Us: *fandom fandom fandom yak yak yak!*
Daniel: *listens, smiles, nods*
Isaac: Says nothing for ten minutes, and then: Wait a minute, is she famous just for that one fic?

It was so much fun. I think Kash and I spent all three showings of the movie squeezing one another's hands during the good parts--which means we spent the entire time going "EEEEE *SQUEEZE!*" They are a great group of people, and it was so nice to be around a bunch of people who were just as obsessed with canon and Harry and Draco and all the characters and the fandom experience as I was.

All in all, it felt like a mini-con, sort of. Only with more trips to Dunkin' Donuts. :)

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  • Leviosa and the calling of Harry Potter

    You guys! So I went to leviosa2016 over the weekend and I guess the fruits of that labor are best summed up by the fact that i just…

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