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So, dorrie6's had this fabulous idea, and I want to help. Many of you will too.

Her idea is to basically create a master list and guide to all the H/D that's available in the fandom. Yes. ALL of it. I realise that this is a gargantuan task, but when you stop and think about it, there really is no central location for H/D, no primary solely massive H/D gathering place. It's all spread out. Hell, even with a flist as huge as mine sometimes I have a hard time knowing where to look for new fics I haven't read yet.

So, what we want to do is make a general, comprehensive guide to every H/D author out there. Every single one. Thanks to many of your suggestions, Dorrie has already gotten a master list started right here.

We're looking for volunteers to write short guide-bios for your favorite H/D authors, artists, and personalities. Just a line or two linking to their fics and mentioning what they're known for.

And we're asking all of you, ANYONE, who's ever done something Harry/Draco-ish in the fandom, to speak up. Shout it out.

  • Have you ever written a H/D fic and posted it in the fandom? Even one? Shout it out.

  • Have you ever drawn or done H/D fanart for someone or something? Let us know.

  • Have you ever been noted for your critique of Harry/Draco fiction? We want to hear from you too.

  • Have you ever kept an ongoing list of H/D recs? Shout it out.

  • Have you ever been involved in an H/D-centric RPG, either on livejournal or somewhere else on the web? Tell us about it.

What you do:

1) Reply to this post--I'm making it public indefinitely--or to Dorrie's post here. Your format should look like this:</li>

Name: Your preferred Author name, and your livejournal name if you have one.
Link: A link to your fics, rpg, or artwork, if applicable.
Comments: Use this space to tell us any other ways you've contributed to the H/D fandom.
Volunteering for: If you're interested in writing the guide for one of your favorite H/D personalities, this is where you'll volunteer and let us know who you'd like to do!

2) PIMP. PIMP. PIMP. There's no way we can tackle a project this size without people spreading the word. I've made a banner for anybody who wants to link to this or Dorrie's post here and spread the word to all and sundry:

The H/D Fandom Project: Be counted!

Edited to add in the code for anyone linking to it on their journals (thanks, petulans!):

<a href="http://www.livejournal.com/users/dorrie6/252734.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://notquiteroyal.net/misc/hdproject.jpg" alt="The H/D Fandom Project: Be counted!" align="bottom"></a>

Thank you, everyone! Spread the word!

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