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this is a GIP.

Saw Vanity Fair tonight.

Things I liked (no spoilers):

--the fact that the guy who played Dobbin is the guy from Notting Hill, which I was about 10 minutes from the end of the movie before I finally figured out.
--the fact that it was red, because I have always seen Vanity Fair as red.
--the fact that it was sort of a "name that tune" of actors from various Austen adaptations and other well-known British period films, of which I have seen an indecent amount since I am fairly unoriginal and girly when it comes to wanting to watch British period films.
--the Prince Regent, who looked exactly like the real Prince Regent, so much that I recognized him at once and squealed in delight, which I was able to do freely since:
--the theatre was entirely empty.  It was like the gods said, "Aja, you are going to see the movie that is your namesake! Why not take the entire theatre to yourself to enjoy it properly!" and so it felt like a present.
--the previews.  I want to see Wimbledon so badly I quiver.  Also The Motorcycle Diaries.  This movie looks so good, and I must have seen the preview for this 5 times by now in theatres, and every time just the preview has made me teary.  Also the background music for this film is haunting and addictive.

And,  um. well. there was more, but that's all I feel like talking about.

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