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Let's play the game where we steal memes from our friends even though we still have to answer the memes in their own LJs!  I like that one!

this one is gacked from Kirsah:

If bookshop were her own fandom:

a. Who would the het 'shippers pair me with?
b. Who would the slashers pair me with?
c. Who would be in my OT3 with me?
d. What would a Mary Sue in my fandom be like?
e. When did I / will I jump the shark?  (BE NICE HERE, especially if you have known me longer than a year. :D)
f. Write a one sentence summary of the story that would win the Best Fanfic Award in my fandom.

And this one is gacked from Reena:

I want anyone and everyone who reads this to post in here something they would like to do with me someday.  Then post this in your journal to find out what people want to do with you!

And this one is gacked from Jaci and is cut because it's long. :

5 things you may not know about my time in school.

1. I was valedictorian of my high school.
2. My school had about 600 total. There were about 130 in my graduating class.
3. I nearly left my high school in my junior year and transferred to a much better private school.  I had just come back from Governor's School and was miserable in every possible way. I hated my high school very much and don't really enjoy talking about it.  But I was really intimidated the day that I went to visit the private school, even though I knew a bunch of people who went there.  To this day I wonder what would have happened if I didn't go--but it was mostly  1) the knowledge that I would lose scholarships because I wouldn't be valedictorian at the new school, and 2) the fear that my mother wouldn't be able to afford the tuition that kept me from going.  Wow.  And I wonder why I love the Gilmore Girls so much.
4. My senior year my high school was so overcrowded that my English teacher had to borrow used 15-year-old textbooks from an elementary school 5 counties away in order to be able to have enough textbooks for everybody.  We were supposed to get new textbooks that year, but instead the school got a new football coach, the coach of a rival team who was one of the most winningest coaches in the state. The school board gave him a salary raise to entice him to come, and we went without new English textbooks.  The same year the Tennessee Performing Arts Council offered the entire Senior class a chance to go see Hamlet in Nashville as part of their education programs.  They offered to give us the seats for free and even offered to pay for half the gas mileage.  The school board said No to the proposal, because it turned out that the good buses wouldn't be back in time that evening to take the football team to their away game. :D  Nope, no Hamlet for us!
5.  The next year, the football coach we'd just hired left to go to another school that could pay him more.  And, oh, yeah, the entire school board of my county, including the commissioner, was put under investigation for tax fraud and embezzlement.  The commissioner received 50 years in jail. :D

5 things you may not know about the jobs I have had.

1. in the summer of 1999 I worked as a pizza delivery girl for Pizza Hut.  That whole summer all I did was work overtime every week, drive around town nearly getting myself killed from speeding, and listen to the radio. It was the best summer of my life.
2.  I once got a speeding ticket driving my boss' Lexus.  It was my first time ever driving a Lexus. I didn't realise how fast I was going because it was just purring. It was a great ride, anyway. :D
3.  One summer I was a hostess at Red Lobster and they had this fiesta theme going the whole summer, and the music track was geared to the theme.  It looped every 90 minutes.  To this day I have all the songs on that track memorized, and I can't hear Harry Belafonte or the Grateful Dead or Jimmy Buffet without thinking about swordfish and lobsters.
4.  You never actually realise how many pregnant women there are walking around in the world until you work at a restaurant.  I've never seen so many pregnant women at one time in my life as I did working at Red Lobster.
5.  The tale of the unfortunate lobster.

This is the tale of the unfortunate lobster.  As hostess one of the things I got to do was fish the lobsters out of the tank and let the kids play with them.  You were supposed to do it as a common courtesy, right, but there was this one kid I just had a bad feeling about.  He had a gleam in his eye, and he was demanding to play with the lobster, so I fished this poor guy out of the tank and handed it to the kid to hold warily.  And the kid goes, *GRIN!!!*  *DROP!!!!!* 

This poor lobster fell on the floor with a CRUNCH, and he wasn't really hurt on the outside, but one of his antennae broke off and went flying like 9 feet across the room.  It landed next to his mom, who freaked out and screamed and tried to kick the antennae away from her, because I guess she thought it was going to come alive and attack her.  So now she's shrieking, and the boy, who is looking absolutely horrified that the thing he dropped actually broke, starts to WAIL.  And so now everybody in the lobby is looking at me and the lobster in horror, like, How could you let that little boy touch the lobster, you monster! and I'm like, ... uh, what am I supposed to do with the lobster, put it back in the tank?  And just at that moment the manager came along (she was a real bitch), and she's like, "oh, this sucker goes in the trash!"  And she goes and picks the lobster up and throws it into the trashcan, still alive, that's behind the bar.  The bartender is like, ... and I'm like, ... and the little boy is like, ...  AND THEN.  AND THEN.

The boy's father, who was the one who'd pushed for the boy to take the lobster to begin with, says in this uncertain voice, "You want another lobster?  We'll get you a pet lobster! How about that?"

I had to leave the room because I was laughing so hard, but I swear I never felt so sorry for a living organism in my life.  That poor lobster. :))

5 things you may not know about my on-line life.
1. Apart from livejournal.com the website I visit the most is probably www.switchboard.com
2.  My very first fandom was the Jane Austen fandom.  The second was the Kevin Spacey fandom.
3.  I got my first computer in high school as a Junior, the same year I got my first car.  My car lasted longer than the computer.  It was one of those computers that had the Pentium chip back when it was brand new--the ones that were recalled because they discovered that at higher math calculations the computer chips didn't work exactly right or something.  Eh.  It worked well enough for me to write my first novel on. :)  I still have the hard drive, it's in the garage. :)
4.  I don't have nearly enough Harry/Draco icons which is why the ones I do have are so overused.
5.  I go through phases where I don't check fandom wank for like a month and then I'll check it every day religiously for like, a week.  So it baffles me  whenever I get lumped in with some of the most well-known journalfen denizens.  I love FW but I don't think I'm in the loop enough to count.

5 things you may not know about where I live.
1. Jared the Subway guy lost all his weight right here in town, at the Subway on Atwater!
2.  Our opera house has the second-largest opera stage in the country. It's second only to the Met. You can build three entire opera sets behind the wings.
3. John Mellancamp lives here.  He wrote the song "Small Town" about the place where I live.
4.  I thought I had been here long enough to discover every park and reserve and wilderness preserve and retreat within at least a 15-mile radius of where I live, but we recently got our bulletin from the local Park/Rec and there were maybe twenty designated park areas in town alone that I'd never even been to.  I love this about my town.  There's always something new to discover here.
5.  We have a fish on top of our courthouse.  The weathervane. It's a fish.  Nobody knows why.

5 things you may not know about my personality.
1.  As a result of something somebody said on a post Dorrie made the other day I spent like half an hour trying to figure out if I had Borderline Personality. :))  I don't think I do.  ... I don't think.
2.  In real life, I haven't been around people that I really click with, personality wise, in about 3 years.  I sometimes wonder if this fact has made me less socially adept.  Social grace takes practice. I haven't really had much lately.
3.  I am so strange and polarized about letting people walk all over me.  Professionally, I will sit there and let somebody yell at me all day if it's a customer service thing.  I am totally patient and I usually stay calm no matter how much somebody is yelling at me--but if I'm the customer I am so the one doing the yelling.  If you are my friend and I love you, I will totally smack you around without hesitation, if I think you are doing something wrong to yourself or somebody else.  If you are doing something wrong to me, however, I will put up with bullshit from you for a long, long time before doing anything about it.
4.  The one thing I need more of is self-confidence.  I have utmost confidence in my abilities and talents.  I have very, very little confidence in me.
5.  If you will let me introduce you to my favorite vintage films and happily bypass the new release section of the video rental store to browse through the classics, I will love you forever, and ever, and ever.  <3333

5 things you may not know I would really like to have:
1.  A digital camera.
2.  A new mouse.
3.  An entirely new wardrobe.
4.  A career as a film reviewer.
5.  The ability to be honest with my parents.

5 embarrassing fannish admissions. 

dude. I just did this yesterday, I'm not doing it again. :)

and this one is gacked from everybody but most recently Jules and Olivia: 

Your LJ Halloween Party by Karen_Walker
You're Dressed Asa Vampyre
The Rock Startobymalfoy
The Naughty Nursepsychobarfly
The School Girlrhoddlet
The Witchturbidcries
The Care Bearmizzy2k
The French Maidteenagegangdeb
The Dominatrixswtalmnd
The Clownljash
The Cowboybrimful
The Porn Starsurreal_life
Quiz created with MemeGen!

and this one I gacked from Lily! 

If LJ Was a High School by Karen_Walker
Lunch Ladyesorlehcar
Head Cheerleaderemmagrant01
Prom Queenkishijoten
Gang Memberkmai
Band Geekshachi
Theatre Geekcoffeesama
Chess Club Captainmoia
Loner Goth Kidilikehpfics
Class Clowntillytilly
Quiz created with MemeGen!

and finally, gacked from Miggy and Minerva, let's play the Marry/Shag/Cliff game!  You guys tell me 3 names and I'll tell you whether I'd marry them, shag them, or throw them over a cliff!  And then I'll give you 3 names and you do the same! :D  Whee!

Okay!  Things I have to do for the rest of the night which this meme will happily distract me from doing:
1) catch up on friends list!  I love catching up on my friends list. <3
2) finish and completely upload my present for geoviki.  You didn't know you had a present coming, did you? :D
3) catch up on patchwork_quill.
4) update my website and give subdirectory accounts to people who don't have them yet--linnpuzzle, that includes you! :)
5) see if I can stay up all night again in order to watch the last 15 minutes of Sweet Smell of Success sometime around 6 am. Yikes.

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  • Things and Sundry.

    We have surpassed the Kickstarter goal for Fight Like a Girl by a stunning $1,000!!!!!! I am in complete shock. Thank you to all of you. <3…

  • The Weapon We Have is Love

    Hi, LJ / DW / Tumblr! I have posted my writeup of LeakyCon for the Daily Dot!!! The Evolution of Harry Potter fandom I just want to say that…

  • Hi, LJ/DW! I am here to say a contentious thing!

    First off -- Livejournal, I love you, I am back. I am back and I have a WHOLE NEW DEFAULT ICON! because nothing says THINGS HAVE CHANGED like…