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So, Reena asked us what we wanted in our drinks and I was trying to remember whether a fuzzy navel had peach schnapps or Bacardi, so I googled it and suddenly came across this website, http://www.drinksmixer.com/. 

Dude. Just look at all the drink titles.

I just spent fifteen minutes looking at all the names and all the drinks--they even have a guide to shaking and stirring! Amazing!!!  And I had kind of an instant yen to do something fabulous with all the wealth of possibilities in these thousands of drink names.

So I'm issuing the Harry Potter Drinking Challenge.

The challenge: create a story, or a work of art, inspired by the drink of your choice.  Can be any pairing, gen, het, slash, haiku, whatever.  Can be any length or any medium (for art).  Go to this website, look through the drinks, and develop a story from whatever catches your fancy.

Deadline for submissions is Nov. 5 because that's my birthday, and I intend to get drunk then and read drinking fics.

Anyone can participate! Look at the website, pick your drink, and sign up in comments to this post!  Tell me what drink you're choosing and later I'll post a list of assignments. All challenge submissions will be coded and posted on my website!  Anybody want to make a challenge logo?

Does this sound like fun? I think it sounds like fun! 

Also, it makes me really wish I had a drink.
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