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Dear dracoaccio,

I'm sorry I just spoiled you for Lost. I didn't realise they'd actually split the pilot into two one-hour episodes.  I saw the entire thing yesterday, thanks to the genius of yousendit and LJ friends <3, and figured that I was coming late to the party.  However, it's a good thing I discovered this before I, like, did anything stupid like post about it.

Dear Paul Bettany,

Why must you be married? And to Jennifer Connelly no less?  My life is over.

Dear Guy Pearce,

Please do a movie again soon to take my mind off Paul Bettany. thank you.

Dear H/D writers,

I was thinking about something Dorrie just said and I realised that when I first got to the fandom, I used to read all the new H/D fics constantly, on ff.net, on FA, wherever I could find them. So if there was a good new H/D writer out there I was sure to come across them. But now I don't have the time and the archives are just too big and even my flist, where I traditionally get most of my recs from, is too big for me to do that.  So I was wondering if you guys would fill me in and tell me about one or two or more of your favorite unsung H/D writers--the people who you've found who are out there writing in relative obscurity without much attention or acclaim, but who are writing fabulous, attention-worthy things.  C'mon, speak up! I'd be thrilled.

Dear flist,

Have 534 LJ replies to answer. Will get around to responding to all of them. Really.  Will also, eventually, reply to emails I need to reply to. Really. Oh, wait, make that 535.

Dear ff.net,

Whose brilliant idea was it to change all the links to every single fic in your archive so that all my bookmarked fics and stories and author profiles from the last three years are now invalid, and that oh, about a million links to fics on your site are now non-functional?  Could you suck anymore? I would say no, but every time I say that you reach a new low. No love.

Dear bowdlerized,

I am so excited about seeing you this weekend! And yes, I am a bit frazzled, but then, I think I really like living that way. It keeps things interesting. :D

Dear patchwork_quill members,

Am uploading all that info I should have uploaded two weeks ago, today. Go me.

Dear world,

Shine on, happy people.

Dear self,

Please stop starting new fics when you still have like 10 that you have not finished.  You are straining my Dickensean principles to the max.

P.S.  The fact that you are seriously considering putting Draco in this dress is a testament to your increasing insanity.

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