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On Sunday, I got to meet bowdlerized for the first time. It was fabulous--she is totally cool and we had a lot of fun. We sat around and talked about fandom, which rocked, and watched a really bad 80's movie which rivaled every bad H/D hurt-comfort fic on ff.net for cheesy plots involving cute gay boys--oh, and we had lemonade that wasn't really! She didn't get to stay long, sadly, but now I have an excuse to pressure her to come back for a second visit. :D

Communities!  almost_hd, hd_falling (which i've pimped before, but want to pimp again because SQUEE), and hd_discussion are the three communities that are making me all tingly inside this week. 

Tingly like, how, you ask?  Tingly like the happy 'oh my god. Draco wants Harry!' kind of tingle that Dave talks about here in his (friends-locked!) request for happy warm H/D fics. This is not to be confused with Shaggy's request for newbie H/D fics.  It's funny, you know, I see people asking which fics H/D newcomers should read all the time, but I never actually see any newcomers to the fandom on those posts talking about the fics that got them hooked, and why or how.  So maybe in this post that can change?  Hopefully?  *pokes all of you lurker-types*  I know you're out there. ;)

A question, stolen from blue_lightning:  So.  How did each of you change the world today?

P.S.  belated happy birthdays to Cher and Miggy, and happy birthday today to Simmy! *hugs*

eta: does anybody know if there's a limit to how many people can friend a community?

eta again: and, like, if you join a community as opposed to just friending it, can you still read friends-locked posts to said community?

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