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think i'll post this just to wayfairer. so, filtered. in a sense.

Dude. Sister M.  Does this take you back or what?  Wow.

I am about 6 weeks shy of my 3-year fandom anniversary.  Well. Technically I've been here four and a half years, but I only delurked right after SS came out in November 2001.

Wow. 3 years.  First year was amazing. Second year was shit, except for Nimbus and getting to meet all of you in Boston. <3  Third year?  I'd have to say so far it's been the best yet. 

I love it here.  Fall is coming, October is coming, my 3-year benchmark is coming, and I'm getting nostalgic.  I've never been in a fandom this long.  I never imagined I could adopt an online community so strongly as my own.  You are all wonderful.

Anybody got any random fandom memories to share?  I have so many.  Where do you even begin?

Talk to me about anything.

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