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public public public :D

The Good:  You'll notice this post is public! Yay! That is because after consulting with my friends on brimful and bienvenu I have decided to consolidate my journals and start posting publicly to an extent again.  Details here.

That means you guys will all be in the same place and you can all talk to each other! Yay! This excites me so much because I know that was a big issue for a lot of you.

The Bad:  Those of you from brimful and bienvenu will need to move back here if you want to friend me still.  And obviously I can't friend everybody back. 

The Ugly: In fact I've downsized, because this way maybe I can have a journal that doesn't have that stupid directory that I hate, and also maybe this way I can actually read more people on my friends list, more often.  If I removed you from wayfairer, it's not because I think ill of you at all, it's simply because yours was one of the journals I was having difficulty finding time to read.  That's all, and no hard feelings if you decide to remove me as well. 

The Sparkly:  I have my journal back again! Everyone posting in one place! Yay! Orphne says I should post a lot tonight to make up for having a journal that is public again! But I think just this once will do, don't you?

So, uh.  Hi! 
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