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Dude, is it catty of me to think Poppy Z. Brite has no business posting comments off to LJ?  For one thing, if Neil Gaiman is not too good for comments on his blog, surely PZB can be no better--and for another, I think that whenever someone gets a blog on livejournal, they lose their ability to play the 'elitist famous writer who doesn't need anonymous strangers harrassing them' card. :))

Have to go to bed in 15 minutes.  Don't wanna.  Sam is feeding me Australian Idol mp3s and avis, and god, these people are good.  Augustus said Anthony was amazing, but he's really bloody amazing.  Wow. 

It's odd--earlier tonight I was in a terrible mood--and now, one Dead Like Me ep and a couple of Australian Idol pop covers later, I feel just fine.

Erin wants movie recs.  Please go rec her something made before 1975.  I would love you forever.

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