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My county did voter registration mail-outs this summer, and since my entire household was lazy and forgot to send ours in, I stopped by the county registration office this morning to make sure we were all registered and valid.

I was and my housemate was, but my third housemate was not.  They still had her on file as living at an address from 3 years ago.

The registration deadline for this year's Nov. 2 election in our county is today by 4:00 pm.  Thankfully I brought back a registration transfer form so my housemate could fill it out, but I think that's a national deadline, and there's not much time left, so please please please, if you are at all in doubt about where you're registered or if you've moved within the past year and didn't change your registered voting address, please drop what you're doing and get to your voting office today to find out.  There's just a couple of hours left but those couple of hours mean one more vote against Bush in this state that would have been lost had I not dropped by to check.

PSA, over and out.

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