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Dorrie:  I think Rufus' fan base is a lot more solid right now than the H/D fandom. ;)


Alright, you crazy pickles, I am off for the night to actually tackle this insane h/d thingamabobber i profess to write.  Thank you to all of you!  You guys have given me so much to mull over on this post, and this one.  i am holding out for reena's post, and then dorrie, or david, or possibly even azalais or lasair if we get lucky.  :D

I will be coming back to this discussion later, hopefully psyched from h/d fic, in which i shall take arms against a sea of post-ootp troubles, and, by opposing, slash them.

Oh! Before I go! Two things!

geoviki, zionsstarfish, novembersnow, and shaggirl are all doing the "ask my characters things" meme, respectively, here, here, here, and here.  I am drooling. <3

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