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Things to say after having to do skip=500 to catch up on TWO DAYS worth of flist posts!!!!!

  • I can reply to comments now! Mouse! working properly again! Well, okay, still scrolling around like crazy, but not quite as bad as normal!  I like to think I whipped it into shape by letting it know that if it misbehaved it might be unplugged again! Thank you everyone! 

  • However, the sound isn't working now! Ahahaha!  God, it has been such a day.  In addition to my mouse going out completely once I got to work my new computer account mysteriously stopped working during the day and I could not get it to work again AT ALL for anything.  At one point I seriously checked the calendar today to make sure it was not Friday 13th.

  • oh my god, and now, on top of Holly and Dionne's ghost stories and Ruby's giant cockroach stories, I have now read Mira's story about the old woman with the attic.  Dear Friends list, Please Stop Freaking Me Out!  Or, if you are going to freak me out, please do it properly, and trot out the weird creepy Halloweenish stories and put them ALL IN ONE PLACE AT ONE TIME so that I will not be petrified to read my friends list aghghagaghahgaghaghaaaaa!!!!!!!

  • You know, the word that Mad Martha just uploaded a new fic to her yahoogroup has reminded me of something.  And after it I read all of the additional extra fics in that universe she'd posted on the list, and reading the mailing list stories confirmed something that I had started to think while rereading the fic: she doesn't ship H/D.  I felt like, when I was rereading it, that I was reading a fic by someone who didn't actually ship the pairing she was writing about.  And that thought was really driven home, first by the fact that the most sensual part of the entire fic is devoted to the one brief description of Harry/Ron subtext, and then later by the whole thing with the Succubus.  And just, the rest of the other extra fics mostly centered on Ron, and I just got the overall feeling that she just really wanted to be writing Harry/Ron.  Which is great because she's a very good writer.  But, you know, I read her recent post saying that she wasn't going to finish the sequel to the Lodger, and I just wanted to email her and go, 'hey, you know, it's okay, you don't want to finish it because your heart's not in it."  And it made me feel a little sad about the Lodger, because I like to read fics which are written because the writer believes in the ship.  I am wistful about people who can sit down and write any pairing believably, yet I simultaneously balk at doing that myself because, dude, it's just so not me.  I can't actually comprehend writing about a pairing that doesn't make me all fiery-happy-joyous with glee to think about.  But then, I think I'm wired differently than a lot of slashers that way.

  • Everybody is doing that 75 things meme! 75! things! i do not have time to write 75 things!  And yet! It is a meme! How can I resist!!!!  But I think I picked the wrong meme to do, because I haven't seen a fic writer yet who is not doing the "first lines" drabble, and I am being selfish about doing it because I feel bad asking people to write drabbles for me when I have not written them for anybody else! But everybody's doing it (yeah, yeah, shut up), and it looks like so much fun!!!! Alas.  Also, I still want you all to ask my characters questions! Ahaha, i am turning into dorrie with the repeating everything twice.  Then again, you'll note that Dorrie has fifty million and two drabbles on her meme, so.  *SELF-PROMOTES*

    And now Orphne is saying I need to stop putting my memes and challenges in the middle of big posts because they get lost.  Hmph.  Oh, well. She is probably right.  Meme and Drabble challenge to follow this post!

  • Orphne has been reading Stargate fic, and she keeps coming across terrible recs and I think that you should all point her to the good Stargate fics (Daniel/McGyver, please!) if there are any.

  • Actually, ahaha:  details! of course you want details!
    orphne: dude
    orphne: I read one fic
    orphne: when jack and daniel get together
    orphne: angst
    orphne: break-up because jack can't accept how much he loves daniel!
    orphne: angst
    orphne: daniel decides to ask for a transfer, right after this mission
    murmur_maid: that sounds awful.
    orphne: angst
    orphne: special ceremony offworld!
    orphne: involving rampant rape and whipping
    orphne: and daniel, the man he is, decides to undergo it to save his teammates
    orphne: angst angst angst
    orphne: jack and the others save him!
    orphne: jack goes temporarily crazy!
    orphne: he thinks that daniel is a slut who would rather sleep with crazy sexed-up priests rather than him!
    orphne: yells at daniel!
    orphne: ANGST
    orphne: have I mentioned how much I hate that single tear down the cheek thing?
    orphne: daniel transfers out
    orphne: but doesn't tell anyone!
    orphne: because he has so much angst!
    orphne: and almost gets raped
    orphne: but jack saves him
    orphne: then they have a lot of sex
    orphne: and everyone finds out the daniel is best friends with famous musicians and can play the guitar very well and is actually the long, lost grandson of super rich guy
    wayfairer: ...
    orphne: but daniel is much too good for money
    wayfairer: AHAHAHAHA.
    orphne: the end.
    wayfairer: can I LJ that?
    orphne:  if you want
    wayfairer: I do want! I was asking for sg-1 recs for you anyway, ahaha, i might as well.
    orphne: oooh!
    orphne: you should!
    orphne: NEED MORE FIC
    orphne: MORE
    orphne: MORE
    orphne: MORE
    orphne: I like AU fic!
    orphne: and fics where Daniel dies!
    orphne: I read one where he died like 3 times!
    orphne: it was fantastic!
    orphne: I like it when Daniel dies and everyone angsts
    wayfairer: especially when they do it 3 times in a row !
    orphne: well, there was hugging and sex in between =;
    wayfairer: LET ME GUESS.
    wayfairer: THE FIC WAS CALLED
    wayfairer: WAIT FOR IT
    wayfairer: THE BOY WHO DIED WOLF

  • One final thing: in addition to all the posts and h/d discussion I have seen making the rounds this week, I have also seen several comments to the effect that JKR deliberately ruined any chance of Harry/Draco in book 5 in order to slight slashers or take the piss out of Draco fans.

    I just have one thing to say about that, and that is that the richest woman in the world has absolutely no vested interest in writing something in her books deliberately to piss off such a minor, minor, tiny tiny contingent of her fans.  And, to put it bluntly, if we as slashers think that our subversiveness extends to the point of causing J.K. Rowling to alter her text in order to do battle with us, then we need to get the heck over ourselves and start writing fanfic for someone who gives a damn.  Like, oh, Anne Rice. :D

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