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I have a drabble challenge.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to turn this news article, into no more than 200 words of RPS. :D

orphne: how exactly would it turn into slash?
wayfairer: that is the challenge.
wayfairer: slash! slapping! boys fighting over god! it is perfect! it is practically slash already!
orphne: except without the sex
wayfairer:  hey. 100 words, dude. anything can happen.
wayfairer: especially considering they were probably drunk!
orphne: and don't forget, fighting over presidential debates
wayfairer: i know !!  it is like something notapipe and titanic_days would do
wayfairer: only there would probably be some sort of dancing involved

Your other mission, should you choose to accept it, is to ask me questions! please! Please pretty please, if you have ever wondered anything about any of my fics, now is the time to ask my characters a question! 

*off to watch the debate and write fic and reply to previous questions!* *loves everyone!*  edit: OMG BUSH STFU YOU SMUG BASTARD.

Oh, and legomymalfoy: I have been dying of embarrassment about that laptop thing all day. :D

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