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Oh, and before I forget:

As soon as the debate is done, go to these places and cast your vote for the person you think won the debate:

going to the following Web sites: they're all listed here, thanks to Jaci for the link! <3

This is important--these moment-after polls will drastically take the piss out of a post-debate network spin that is bound to be as pro-bush as it can get away with.  This is important.

Clinton didn't reform Medicare, my ass.  OOH. GOOD SHOT, KERRY.

edit: also, i didn't know that being named a "liberal" senator was now officially a character attack.

"that's what liberals do. they create government-sponsored healthcare."

Along with other acts of EEEEVIL like education funding and gay marriage!

edit again: oh, and Mr. Bush, the recession you're talking about wasn't the big recession. The big recession was the post-Reagonomics slump that we only recovered from thanks to Clinton's economic policies--not Bush's. Clinton's. And he still managed to end his presidency with a budget surplus. You blithering ARSE.

edit again: Charlie Gibson wasn't looking at you like your time was up, Bush, he was looking at you like he thought you were INSANE. BECAUSE YOU ARE.

edit: oh my god, and he just blamed *European peer pressure* for the failure of the Kyoto treaty. oh my GOD.

edit: Mr. President, when one of your opponent's major arguments is that you pander to the wealthiest 1% of the country, it's not a good idea to joke about not knowing whether or not you own a timber company. It makes you look like a total buggering snob somebody who's so rich he doesn't even bother to follow his own business interests. Go figure.

edit: Ahahaha, did you see the look on his face when he got out the line about combining science and ethics? He looked so happy he actually got to use the word "ethics." Ahahahaha.

"I'm not telling!" ... "Plus I want them all voting for me."

... because. yeah. having an all-Republican supreme court would completely support the "equality of America" he's so concerned about.

edit: best answer of the evening: "I can't justify legislating an article of faith." God, thank you, Kerry.

"Reasonable people can agree on how to decrease abortions." Yeah, reasonable people like John Ashcroft who want to protect the unborn by hacking away at the rights of women and teenage mothers. Gah. And Bush's sound bites are completely driving me up the wall.


5'll get you 10 he doesn't answer the question. at all. *holds breath*




Um, no, she didn't ask if he made a mistake about going into Iraq, she asked him to name 3 instances where he had been wrong. DUDE STFU OMG ONE.

... "i've made some mistakes in appointing people, but i'm not going to name names because i don't want to hurt their feelings on national tv."

what a nice way to use nameless scapegoats to avoid the question. bloody brilliant, really. only, you know. NOT.

And dude, HOW was the Adolpha report *supporting* the argument for war by confirming that there were NO WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION. Wow. This is the only debate I've ever seen where I felt like the spin within the debate was bigger than the spin outside of it. but then--the entire Bush presidency has been like this.

We can't let this man win, folks. Wow. We. Just. Can't.

final edit:

wayfairer: dude, the fallujah rebels beheaded the british citizen they kidnapped
orphne: yeah
orphne: it's horrible
wayfairer: tonight when bush was yelling "you tell tony blair we're going in alone" i kept thinking, we may have to if this keeps up.
orphne: but we'll always have Poland.

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