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ETA 1/19/2016: Unlocked for posterity. NEVER DIE, HP FANDOM.
ETA 10/22: This is the current Disfigured!Draco post. All links to this story can now be found here. New parts seem to be getting posted here, so I have moved all the links to each part here.

If you want to read the latest parts, please scroll down to the bottom of the page. If you want to *contribute* please feel free to do so on this page--just start a new thread that follows the latest part. :)


The Draco Disfigurement Drabble round robin:

Part One by shaggirl
Part Two by black_dog
Part Three by, uh, bookshop
Part Four by lunacy
Part Five by michichu
Part Six by shachi
Part Seven by ataniell93
Part Eight by sarahtales
Part Nine by malafede.
Part Ten by ari_o
Part Eleven by dorrie6.
Part Twelve by zionsstarfish
Part 13 by tarie
Part 14 by the_gentleman
Part 15 by wilde_stallyn
Part 16 by biichan
Part 17 by muffinbutt
Part 18 by delirieuse
Part 19 by xmirax
Part 20 by ari_o
Part 21 by ataniell93
Part 22 by malachan
Part 23 by geoviki
Part 24 by biichan
Part 25 by black_dog.
Part 26 by calixta9.
Part 27 by ataniell93.
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