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Love to be in the arms of all I'm keeping here with me

It's funny how some things can be met with perfect civility at one point and then completely misread at another point, isn't it?  Anyway, my last post has been deleted. It was never supposed to be a serious thing and it apparently was pissing people off when it was supposed to make people smile, so I'm just canning it for now.  Maybe some other time.  It was probably overkill on the whole anonymity thing, too, right?  Still if you want to, for laughs you can read the original meme from a year ago.  My sincere apologies to anyone who was offended by any of the threads on the sequel.

Just to continue with the apologies, or in this case the non-apologies, sort of: I think that a lot of you guys misinterpreted the sentiment and the overtones of my last post about the South, and took it to mean that I was leveling more criticism at the North for its treatment of the South than I was the South. Not so. I will never practice apologetics about racism, prejudice, bigotry.  What I stand firm in saying, though, is that it takes two sides to hold a grudge.  And the relationship between the North and South in terms of dynamic is not so much political as it is dysfunctional.    "I'll stop treating the South like an asshole when it stops BEING an asshole!" is an easy route to take, sure; but it's not the healthy way to fix a dysfunctional problem.  To do that both sides of the issue have to take responsibility for their actions and for what they say.  And they need to acknowledge how what they say is being taken.  I don't know how constantly making one region of the country the scapegoat for all the country's sins doesn't ultimately contribute to more hurt and divisiveness.  And, just. It's too easy to stereotype the South. It is. It's too easy.  And to stereotype different parts of the rest of the country as well.  But it's not good for any of us. It hurts our soul, I guess, in the long run.  We can't heal the wounds from the Civil War that way--and ultimately what matters is not that they're still there, but that they are there.  Ultimately, if we are ever going to fix this, we have to fix this. And, uh. this. Though I agree with the defensive position in that last link, the antagonism and animosity from both viewpoints, North and South, is so pointless and futile and frustrating I can't begin to express it.   Thanks, Las, for the link.

And, just to make sure Orphne still gets her meme:
Current DVD to Watch:  21 Grams.  I've been trying to watch this movie for like 4 months, and every single time I go to rent it, it's out.  The Movie Gallery Girl (she's cute!) and I have been making a project of trying to find it, to no avail.  Last night I went in, not even intending to rent anything, and she's all, "OMG 21 GRAMS IS IN, IT'S ON THE SHELF, GET IT BEFORE IT SPONTANEOUSLY COMBUSTS!"  So. I had to rent. :)  Yay, Naomi Watts!!!!

Current Movie to Watch: oops. forgot to answer this. La Mala Educacion. Or that other new one by Amenabar. I'm on a fabulously splendiferous Spanish film director kick that I hope I never get off of.
Current Actor to Watch:  Finding Johnny Depp.
Current Music to Hear:  Christmas music, of course.
Current Book to Read:  Peter Milligan's Enigma, the first comic book I have ever a) purchased for myself b) read all the way through, and c) enjoyed.  Just. Wow. I want to read it again and again.
Current pastime to commit to:  writing.  After going 3 years without participating in any fandom challenges, suddenly I have four drabble challenges to finish in the next 3 weeks. It's fun.
Current song to sing:  Holland, 1945, and In the Aeroplane Over the Sea.
Current food:  black grapes.
Current drink:  water. or vanilla coke.

Art makes the world brighter.   As does verstehen and her surprise Christmas. ♥

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