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watch me go into righteous anger mode.

Okay. *rolls up sleeves*

there's politics and then there's politics. there's the kind that deal with petty rivalries and misunderstandings between fandom factions and things that have more to do with individuals than with an entire group of people. that's the kind of thing i usually smile and nod at, draw no conclusions about

and then there's the kind of brainless mindless blatant political favoritism that just leaves you breathless in its absurdity. like the one topsites is showing the S.S. Guns and Handcuffs. It's okay for them to link to and prominently feature and even recommenda site that has exited the poll and taken itself out of the running, for weeks after that site has gone. It's okay for them to link to a site that has no working banner and only links to a, ha, get this, a CD STORE.

But it's not, apparently, okay for them to link to a site that has an active message board and announces its opening in a week. Nevermind that this site has well over 300 votes already and is in the #3 position on the site. Nevermind that it's a site solely for Harry/Draco ficlets and fics, linked to and hosted, something *vastly* underrepresented in their ranking. Oh...but wait. ....could it be that that's why we have been summarily removed from their poll? Just a week before the voting is reset?

My wonderful Jen received the following email from the topsites mod:


Just a quick note to inform you that I will be removing your site from our list. This is due to the fact that it is under construction and is not as such a working site to link to.

I have had several emails from people who have clicked on the link only to
find a coming soon message. I have waited several days in the hope that your site would go online, but it has unfortunately not as yet. I really don`t
think it is fair to the users of this list to have sites "under construction"
on it. Obviously I cannot wait indefinitely for you to go online, which is
why I have removed your site.

If you would like to rejoin when you are fully online, please feel free to do

TopHPfanfiction Mod

okay. *Aja deals with anger* Obviously this guy didn't know we're going live on May 5. We have remedied that fact. It would also help if you guys would go to the Topsites poll
and ask him to reconsider. The moderator just today posted a list of rules for the site here, which state in part:

3. Sites that are under construction will not be accepted on the list.

Nice to tell us that now.

11. Once you decide to no longer be a member of the list, all links to your site will be removed at the next reset.

and here the lovely gentleman at topsites breaks his own rule by putting as the featured site of the week one that has withdrawn from the running. Oh, yeah. That's classy.

Please go to the topsite message board and let them know how you feel. The rules (ha!) also state, quote, "12. Nasty emails and snide postings really won`t do you any favours!!" --so please keep your comments rational and save the snide remarks for your livejournals.

Thank you all. I don't get up on my high horse very often, but when I do, it's for an excellent cause. They have made my friend Jen angry and upset after all the time and effort she put into building the site, almost completely by herself, and all the voting you guys have done has been discounted because of a few emails. Is this fair? Is it decent?

I leave it to you to decide.

And while you're acting on your political fervor, click here to vote for the lovely H/H-oriented site, the Pumpkin Patch. --and here to vote for the best private fiction archive around, Diagon Alley.

*bows and exits*

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