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I really want to participate in this post but I keep trying to think about what to say and getting all choked up. :(((((

and then I wrote it out and my comment of 7775 characters exceeded the maximum length of 4300. :( So I thought I might as well put it here instead.

I love everything. I love absolutely everything, and I don't think I've ever been in a fandom that's had so much positive energy, that's made me so ridiculously happy for so long. I love everyone. I love the anon who kept leaving prompts for Coob. I love the early days of the kink meme and how people made banners trying to show their love for Superanon. I love that http://arthurandeamesstealthings.com exists. I love that The Arthur exists in reality, somewhere in a Starbucks of unknown location, and also in all our hearts. I love all the amazing, staggeringly good, fanart, everything from BJ leaving chibi art for everyone like stocking stuffers of JOY on fics all around the fandom ♥, to virtualcomplex and fanlay and tartinicantspellthatbutyouknowwhoimean at DA and all the japanese artists on pixiv and all the artists participating in holiday_heist, and everyone who's ever done fanart for a fanfic i've loved, oh my gosh. I love the anons who complain about the kink meme over at the anon meme, and the anons on the kink meme who complain about the anon meme on the FAPFAP post, and then go over to the anon meme to complain about the FAPPers. I love all the badfics, and all the awful prompts that make me cringe and the ones that make me laugh, and I love fandom Cobb and how I'll never be able to squint again without laughing.

I love all the fanmixes, oh my god so many fan mixes, SO MUCH OVERUSE OF "GRACE KELLY" AND "SET FIRE TO THE THIRD BAR," and all the people leaving Siken prompts over and over and over again on the kink meme, and all the people writing amazing AUs and angsty one-shots and the never-ending WIPs. I love the lawyer AU and the coffeeshop AU and the ballet AU and the writer AU and the diner AU and the boarding school AU and the Hollywood AUs and the iron chef AU and all the Project Runway AUs that have yet to be written, and the eighteen million nine hundred and seventy-two thousand three hundred and eighty-seven high school AUs & jailbait AUs. I love the meta. I love the meta.

I love the way no one ever has to be written a certain way for them to be in-character, or even in-character at all. I love that Eames' name is Prince Lord Jack Danny William Darcy Just Eames Wellington the Third, and that he has a peerage when he's not forging art, cat-thieving, acting on the stage, or fostering a secret gambling addiction. I love that Arthur's name is Arthur Arthur Darling Cohen Lake Just Arthur, a well-adjusted orphan with a giant Jewish-Catholic-Confederate-Asian family from Illichusettsolinazonaticut. I love when Eames is a girl and when Arthur is a catboy and when Saito is buying everyone airplanes and Nash is just along for the ride and Robert is Sad Fischer In Snow. I love the macros. I love the acappella inception and the INSTANT BRMMMMMMMMM and the South Park Insheeption and the million and one wider fandom jokes and internet memes that have come out of this, and THE LEO STRUT! AND HATERS GONNA ROTATE :D

I love that this fandom rescued Mal and Ariadne from what the film did to both of them. I love that "Mal was right" is an actual fandom trope. I love how completely genuinely enthusiastic people are here. I love that this fandom makes it okay to just hang back and participate just by being present and ready to join in the love. I love that there's no pressure here to do anything except have fun. I love how the Arthur/Eames fic in my head involves rain in Paris and starfish and jazz and sheep and possibly skinny-dipping and no one will ever understand, but it's part of this fandom experience and it's mine and i love it.

I love all the people I've met and all the authors I've fangirled. I love the Omegle /chatzy roleplay invasions. I love the excitement about the DVD. I love that everyone has been declaring Inception fandom dead with regularity since September and yet here we are, three months later, still going strong, and still with as many people declaring it dead as before! I love that Tom Hardy is providing this fandom with enough fuel to last us another six months all on his own. I love that "Tom Hardy how are you real" is pretty much HIS CATCHPHRASE at this point. And tumblr! ALL THE TUMBLRS! All the fuckyeahs and macros and picspams and OF COURSE NOTMYHAIRITISAPALM. And the Tom Hardy Liberation Front or whatever! omg and hitrecord, and "Why do you let me stay here?" and Joe in his little pants and that one screencap of his ass that my flist has been freaking out about rightly all week.

AND THE MEMES. the fluff meme! <3 The kissing meme! The genderswap meme! The rimming meme! The cuddling meme! The whatever-will-be-next meme, I WILL LOVE THAT ONE TOO. I love the kink meme mods and all the work they do organizing the challenge and putting up with our requests, and Team Delicious for making such an effort to stay on top of such a giant meme. I love that we don't have ship wars. I love that there's so much good fic in every pairing. I love that this fandom made me love Ariadne when the movie couldn't. I love that Fayhe wrote a fic about proper medical procedure, how amazing is that. I love that fandom gave Dileep his own poster and made Yusuf/Ariadne into a popular ship even though they never actually talk to each other in canon. :D I love that Dom Cobb is forever HILARIOUS to me now, and that I can't look at Cillian Murphy without thinking LINOLEUM. I love that this fandom has given me a whole new appreciation for men's clothing, guns, cars, and paisley. :D I love that Table Stakes is up to part NINE HUNDRED AND SIXTY-EIGHT MILLIONTY TWO. I love that Gav's military jungle fic has FINALLY ACHIEVED PHYSICAL CONTACT AFTER EIGHTEEN YEARS. I love YOU'RE WAITING FOR A PALFREY and IS THE REDNESS YOU PERCEIVE THE SAME AS THE REDNESS I PERCEIVE? I love NO FIGHTING IN THE MIDDLE and OUTOFAMMO PETS LITTLE FAWN. I love that this fandom introduced me to so many brilliant writers, like chibi_lurrel and atomicskull and indysaur and tequilideas and skyvehicle and amazingly_me and fermine and gyzym and airgiodslv and knowmydark and liketheroad and gav and dybji!!!! and Nance omg, and you, Aleesha, and really i could just go on and on here for ages. I love that this fandom reunited me with eleveninches and syllic and weatherfront and so many other old friends. I love that I have recced more fics and fallen in love with more things in this fandom than any other fandom I've ever been in. I love that I have pretty much started tagging everything with "love, joy, inception" because that is pretty much how this fandom makes me feel, all the time.

I don't really buy into any of the claims that the fandom is dying. Because, for one thing, look at this post. For another, even if fandom does die, I am pretty sure my friends aren't going anywhere, because we're all so happy here. And with the dvd release and Bina's squee-posts about EVERYTHING, and anatsuno's podfics <3, and what will eventually be the Rifftrax of Inception, which I plan to watch at least eight hundred times, and then the OSCARS, to which I have great hopes Tom Hardy will a) wear a suit and b) bring both Charlotte *and* P-Nut as his dates and c) sit next to Joe and Ellen and have lots of cute moments on camera. I can't wait. I can't wait for all the brain-breaking angsty mindfucks that fandom is going to write next, and for the next wave of schmoop cliches, and for the next time Cobb is overprotective and squinty in a fic. I'm going to be right there cheering for all of it.

Inception fandom, ilu. DON'T GO ANYWHERE.
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