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Shameless Self-Promotion! Yes! Yes! Everywhere!

I. Shameless Self-Promotion of My Journal:
For the first time my journal has over 20 comments on a single post. It's turning into a message board thread on the history of HP slash! go look! *is proud, hee*

Oh, and have I mentioned yet today how proud I am of my layout?

II. Shameless Self-Promotion of Me As A Cone:

Take the "What kind of cone are you?" Test

created by sami

Normally I wouldn't post the quiz results without cutting away but... cone? that's just too friggin' funny, yo. *laugh*

III. Shameless Self-Promotion of My Mailing List:

So, like, Frances and I have our own cool-ass mailing list to discuss all things concerning to Harry/Draco-ness, yo, and, like, the membership keeps going up and up (322 this afternoon!), which I *think* means that it's a good thing, as far as mailing lists go.

Join us. We Rule:

IV. Shameless Self-Promotion of WebMail:

Nobody knows this but back a while ago I got bored and created a webmail account at zzn.com (I love them--the only web-based mail account that doesn't screw me over at least thirty times a day) solely for HP Slash fans. Go! check it out! Grab your own slashy email addy and let everyone know how much you love hpslash!

V. Shameless Self-Promotion of A KickAss Website:

Go see what all the fuss is about:

VI. Shameless Self-Promotion of Fiction:

You know, I re-read the first 4 chapters of this this morning and was amazed at how unpolished it was. Ha. *shrug* Oh well. I'm gonna promote it anyway!

I wrote a story. You can read it here, here, here, or here.

VII. Shameless Self-Promotion of Me:

Reading the essay that velvetrain linked to yesterday reminded me all over again how glad I am to be who I am, and to have come from a place where I was constantly told how fat I was, that I could never be a good actress unless I lost weight, that I would never fall in love, never be truly successful or happy-- to a place where finally not everything comes down to what I look like because I stopped buying into all those shitty cultural assumptions about how I was *supposed* to look. I said 'fuck you all,' and I've been happy ever since. And people *gasp* still like me! So hell, take a look:

Lookit! Aren't I pretty? *grin* Yes, I am a Lane Bryant woman. And oh so happy to be, too. How many women can say that about their bodies? *swathes soul in self-love*

VIII. Top-5 list of things you will NEVER see promoted on this site:
(God, this could have been longer):

5. Harry/Ginny. Neuter that vapid female, indeed.
4. Gay!Ron. Oh, please. Unless it's being done by you or you, or possibly even you, I don't even want to hear it. *recoils in disgust, much like Straight!Ron would do when faced with a gay pairing*
3. Tentacle Sex. (unless, again, you write it--and no, that's not a suggestion for conquering your current slash blahs.)
2. Harry/Sirius. --No. Again, a thousand times, No.
1. Pregnant/Hermaphrodite!H/D. <------------------- I have nothing to add.

*looks over this post, is satisfied, bows out*

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