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What comes from staying up too late/early reading Draco Sinister

Aja: and i'm not going to bed til i've finished DS
Nance: how far are you from finishing?
Aja: i think i'm a chapter and a half away, exactly. but you know how long her chapters are.
Aja: they are long, yes.
Aja: but bloody exciting. :-)
Nance: of course. this is Cassie!
Aja: of course.
Aja: god, her harry, her draco are just so...ugh, you want to pull the blinders off them and shove them together and make them realize how much they love one another.
Nance: *grins at you*
Aja: what? i'm just telling it like it is. ;-)
Nance: shameless.
Nance: You're on a mission.
Nance: spread the gospel of H/D slash. Can you give me hallelujah?
Aja: I said "Amen," brother.
Aja: take me to the river and wash me in the water of that sweet Harry/Draco redemption.
Aja: (hippogriff crunchies! werewolves playing hackeysack! *falls off chair*)
Nance: amen, friends and neighbors, and they will see the light, lord willing and the creek don't rise!
Aja: yes! there's gonna be an H/D revival in the House of Slytherin tonight!
Nance: Are you tired of being led down a dark path that will send you past any hope of REDEMPTION?
Aja: Brothers and sisters! are you tired of reading about all this new wave of Harry/Snape smut?
Nance: Amen!
Aja: Are you tired of hearing your friends talking about all these new Snapeslash writers?
Nance: Preach it, preach it... yeah, Amen! *hands in air*
Aja: Are you tired of seeing that brother and sister of yours tryin' to tell you that Harry/Draco is out in the cold?
Aja: I said out in the cooooolddark night of Potterverse?
Nance: you need to put this on your LJ.
Nance: cold nights! amen!
Nance: Salvation, sister! How do we find salvation?
Aja: Are you tired of hearing that the beacon--the emblem--the shining light that is Harry/Draco, my friends--
Aja: that that shining light has been replaced-- *dark look* --by Snapeslash?
Nance: *muttering from the congregation*
Aja: I said are you tired of it? Let me hear you now! Come on, children!
Nance: We tired! Amen! Take us to the bright path of glory!!
Aja: Are we gonna standfor it?
Nance: NO! Send those Snapeslashers back to the firey pit they crawled out of!
Aja: Are you gonna sit there and watch allyour people--I said allyour brothers and sisters turn away from the truth?
Nance: Lord, lord, lead us to the truth! we can handle the truth!
Aja: I said awayyyyy from the ONE--from the ONLY--from the GREAT REDEMPtion of SOULS, lemme tell ya'll...
Nance: Banish the demons!
Aja: You know what I'm talking about! Brothers and sisters, will you join with me today?
Aja: Will you prepare your souuuuuls for the long and costly battle?
Nance: We will! We will fight for what is good and right and decent! Amen!!
Nance: we will join the army of the light!!
Aja: Will you join with me in the battle to win back the black sheep of Snapeslash into the folds of our sweet righteous Harry/Draco love?
Nance: *begins singing "onward Slytherin Soldiers"*
Aja: Will you get down on your hands and knees and pray that we might see deliverance from this curse?
Nance: We will pray! We pray for deliverance! Save us from the unholy!
Aja: I tell you, mine eyes have seen the glory! Amen!
Nance: Amen! Hallelujah, sister!
Aja: Mine eyes have seen the coming of the Neewwwwww Generation of Harry/Draco slash, brothers and sisters!
Nance: *begin to burn copies of the latest Snape/Harry fanfic craze*
Nance: lead us to the promised land!
Aja: Mine eyes have seen the work of Penguin and Antenora, ya'll! Mine eyes have seen the new fiction by Alex Malfoy, my brethren!
Nance: Aaaaaamen! preach it, sister... preach it...
Aja: Mine eyes have seeeeeeeeeen the glory....of a fandom shinin' bright---sooooooo bright, my children, you have to shade your eyes...
Nance: deliver us!
Aja: can you see it, Lawd? Can you see what I'm talkin' about? Can you feelit in your soul?
Nance: We do! We feel it!
Aja: I see the coming--of the Seventh chapter of Tower With a View.
Nance: the light of truth and redemption shines within us! Aaaaamen!
Nance: the seventh chapter, the holy chapter...
Aja: I see...I see the coming of a fourth fic by Ivy Blossom, don't you know it, ladies and gentlemen!
Nance: Alas, Babylon!
Aja: I see the coming of a tiiiiiiime when Durendal, god bless her-when Durendal will finish How Harry Potter Got His Groove Back. Yessir, and the groove will be upon us ALL!
Nance: the groove! the groove! lead us to the groove, sister!
Aja: I see the day. *very solemn* the day when Cassandra Claire... will look over the body...
Aja: out over the vast and beautiful body of her work...and I declare, brothers and sisters...
Nance: *muttering*
Aja: I seeeeeeeeeee the moment. When she will fall to her knees and say LAWD! I have seen the LIGHT! ForGIVE me!
Aja: And the Trilogy will be ours! That's right! I see the coming of a dayyyyy, when allslash's children, be they black or white, rich or poor, young or old, will be able to come together as one people...
Nance: Lawd! ForGIVE us! We are sinners, yes, we have strayed, oh yes, but no more, we will renouce the darkness of Snape/Harry...
Aja: and sing! sing with me now!
Nance: We are free at last! Free at last!
Aja: Great Slash Almighty! We are FREE AT LAST!
Nance: (ROFL and choking)
Aja: (*bursts into laughter*)
Nance: Great Slash Almighty!

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