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Current Working Theories on Draco Veritas:
1) The Mystery Woman is sooooo Pansy. Nyargh.
2) Trevor the Toad staged his own death to disguise that he's really the Mystery Woman in animagus form.
3) Passionate Trousers is written by Tom Riddle which is why Ginny can't keep her dirty little hands off of it. She's receiving subliminal messages through it to seduce Ron as the Mystery Woman while Tom watches, shameless voyeur that he is.
4) Ron is really a Tool. Actually, this is no longer a theory, but a statement of fact.
5) Hermione accidentally got on the wrong train and is now headed for a remote boot camp in Siberia. Oh, my. Pity, pity.
6) Harry is in love with Draco.
7) Draco is in love with Harry.
8) See Draco and Harry shag. Oh, wait, wrong list.

Which car are you?

I'm stunned. I didn't stick around to see if the BMW Z-3 roadster was on the list. But I think this kinda fits me anyway. Ha.

I just added a handful of people to my friends list. Most of them don't even know me, but eh, I think they're interesting. Like, for instance, tzi writes, okay, *amazing* smut. *amazing*. I need a quick fix and I go to her LJ, even when she's offering *gasp* Snapeslash! *points to previous journal entry and declares self a blooming hypocrite* I'm adding Ayla partly because I suck and am trying to alleviate an extreme amount of guilt for never having reviewed her fics. Eep. Yes. I'm hoping this will make up for it. *hugs Ayla* Not to mention that I still have to email Aidan Lynch back. And I haven't even reviewed Adamo Redamo 4! *cries*

Oh, and I just discovered that vinagrette has an LJ! Yay! I have rushed to add her as well. The Perfect Imperfection is perfectly amazing. Classic, classic angst. Classic H/D. Beautifully written, and I enjoyed it as much the 2nd and 3rd times around as on the first-read. She's one of the best new H/D shippers i've run across in ages, along with Penguin. (What? You haven't read Penguin? Why?! Why haven't you read Penguin?! Go read Penguin! And while you're at it, tell her to get a damn livejournal !! )

*yawn* Jen and I started late last night working on Cassie's slashed scene for DV. I'm not even calling it an alternate scene because a) the scene we're doing isn't actually *in* the chapter, and b) we've tried to make it fit as much as possible with the storyline that it will feel like an insert. I'm not sure I'm happy with the prose aspect of it though, in that since Jen and I are not Cassie, our style is distinctively not that of the Trilogy. I know it shouldn't matter but I really want it to sound like DV. And it's such a serious angsty moment we're doing that Draco so far hasn't gotten to indulge in his usual snark. Maybe that will change once we iron everything out. Hmm. It reminds me a bit of the slashed adamantine cell scene, which was also relatively snark-less, and felt to me more like IP (because of Cassie's collaboration with Rhysenn) than DS. Either way, we've given it our best shot. I know Cassie arrived back yesterday but this will have to be a belated welcome home present. One that I hope she likes. *gulp*

I have "Let's Get It On" in my head. I'm on a Motown kick right now. Oh! Nancy! I downloaded "Twilight Time" yesterday, purely because I was thinking of you. :)

Dude. I could use some quality new H/D smut. *looks over at Slytherlynx* oh, look, she re-posted her best-of list. god, this woman is like my HP fic-rec guru. Tis she who introduced me to Tzi, (and the wonders of double penetration), Tentacle Sex (ala Olympia, another writer who intrigues me but whom I don't know and so am content to just poke at around the other journals she reads and reviews), and the fact that Snapeslash is the new H/D. Hey. I didn't say she was perfect.

If I hear one more person ask me how Harry and Draco managed to stay in the armchair the whole time in LUW 9 I'm going to split in two laughing. "The armchair! The bloody armchair!" Speaking of which,

People. LUW 9 was out 5 weeks. During which I was angsting and worrying and really slaving over it like you wouldn't believe. So before you complain because *you* think I took too long, just stop and think about the fact that had I *not* taken so long you would have gotten to read a nice 12-page lot of crap, instead of the 22 pages of crap you got instead. *grin* So stop your whinging. If you thinked the chapter sucked (and the way I've been writing lately it probably did), then, please, by all means rant. But spare me your cries of "you took soooo long!" I know it's a compliment and you're just being over-eager fans and such, but it makes me feel a bit like a fanfic ho who ain't puttin' out fast enough. And dudes, um, 5 weeks? No. *nods* Just so you know, the next chapter will probably be even longer coming. Or it maybe out next week. *shrug*

I'm tired. I should sleep. *yawn* AlexMalfoy, you are a dear. kissaki, rube, and isyla, I love you all and wish you luck. To the rest of the Veelas--roq on, babes. roq on. *yawn* All right, bed for real.

One final thing. To Cassandra Claire, I would just like to say: Damn, girl. You can tell a story. To the rest of you: Sorry this was so long...

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