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Geez, it is my day for giving myself presents.

Anyway, Spaggel's asked me to write Draco/Ron fighting for rentboy!corner space, hahhahaha, and since I don't think I could possibly resist such a fascinating plea, I'm off to try to write it for her. In the meantime, if you know any alluring rentboy!Draco fics *coughs pointedly at shaggirl* that she might like to read, please feel free to rec some for her on this LJ post! I know painless_j did a whole thematic list on this theme a while back but I'm too dizzy to look it up just at this second. Will later.

And also, if there's anybody out there who hasn't read lunarennui's hilarious, hysterical fic Decemberween, they should remedy that right this second. Don't be like me and wait two months! You'll be sorry. *waggles finger*

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