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I love this picture. I have always always always loved this picture. I want this picture on the Guns and Handcuffs. This picture, as JediGinny said so well, is a fanfic waiting to happen. *But*-- the artist who did it (whose wonderful artwork, along with many other wonderful artists, can be found at Snogalicious Draco) has an inactive email account!! Help!! Do any of you know Drakkonia?? Can you tell her a rabid fan-girl named Aja is on the loose looking for her, wanting to glomp her and add her to the conquests of the G&H?? pleeeeease? Ha. God, this artist is such my fanart Lady of Shalott. One-shot, elusive, hard to find, this pic kills me everytime...oh yeah.

Dude. I'm feeling strangely empowered by all the networking.

I'm gonna email Shalott and ask her if we can host the "Weather" series.

Yep. Just call me King David and give me a slingshot. *nods*

Oh, P.S. Alex, can I steal the avatar Bhanesidhe made you for Snitch!? Val, can I steal your avatar? Yes, please, thank you. *grin*

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