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Which authors have you read 10 or more books by? gacked from kate_nepveu. This is a really short list.

Marguerite Henry. She was my favorite children's author when I was young. I loved her books about real horses, and I think I owned nearly all of them. Favorites were King of the Wind, Mustang, and Justin Morgan Had a Horse. I even had the Breyer horse sculptures done after her horse characters. It rocked.
Beverly Cleary. Ramona Quimby was my hero.
Georgette Heyer. Oh, Georgette.
Roald Dahl.
Judy Blume (I'm really amazed that I read so many of her books, considering that I never really enjoyed most of them, especially the ones directed at teens. I really did not get teen lit when I was a teen. I suspect this has to do with that whole being 8 years behind everybody else thing, haha.)
L.M. Montgomery.
Agatha Christie.
whoever the original writer of The Babysitter's Club was. Shut up. I was 12.

Do plays count? If they do, then I get to add:
Tennessee Williams

I wonder if there's somebody else really obvious that I'm forgetting. Oh, yeah--Dr. Seuss. :)

Gah. Writing is hard. *harangues*
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