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In Praise of Snogalicious Draco

Jen: *giggles* that pic is adorable!
Jen: love the scarf
Me: i know!!
Jen: who did that one?
Me: somebody named Rave at snogalicious draco
Me: dude, that site roqeth.
Jen: snoga..what?
Me: *gapes*
Me: oh.
Me: no.
Me: PLEASE tell me you've been there.
Me: *cries*
Jen: *blush*
Me: you've NEVER been to Snogalicious!!! *weeps*
Jen: noooo
Me: BEHOLD!!!!
Me: http://starseed_connection.tripod.com/draco.html

In the meantime:

Me: oh god.
Me: jen's never even been to Snogalicious!
Nance: ooh. she's in for a treat!!
Me: *staring at drakkonia's pic all over again*
Me: god. draco's expression. the look in his eyes makes me want to cry. *heart-bursting*
Me: and harry...looking sooo confused and bewildered but strangely excited.
Me: i love this picture.
Nance: Draco's expression? doesn't make me want to cry. he's so self-assured. he knows what he wants and he's going to get it.
Nance: such a slytherin.
Me: but he looks like he's desperate for it. the way--something about the light in his eyes. he's not going for it because he wants it, he's going for it because he'll die if he doesn't. but then, that's only the way i see it sometimes. this picture is my Weather of the Heart in art form, i swear.
Nance: You are so cute.
Me: for real though! dude. i'm feeling empowered. i'm gonna email Lady of Shalott and ask her if we can host the Weather series.
nance: Oh, god!! that would be... yeah.
Me: http://www.dead-muse-rising.org/hpsunset.jpg
Me: oh my GOD! that's fucking...AHHHHHHH
Nance: *goes to look*
Nance: where did you find that???
Me: at snogalicious!!!
Me: look at draco! I mean, LOOK at Draco! *falls down*
Nance: *dies*

Jen: :x
Me: You're WELCOME!
Me: i LOVE that site!
Me: you know what?
Me: i'm going to email lady of shalott.
Jen: I feel so deprived
Me: *feeling strangely empowered*
Jen: Whoo! You should
Jen: *whines* I want fanart *whines*
Me: dude! you mean for AR?
Jen: soon as I have more chapters, I am going to beg and plead, yes
Me: awwwww. yay!
Me: *mouth drops open*
Me: http://www.dead-muse-rising.org/hpsunset.jpg
Me: oh my GOD that's gorgeous!
Jen: HOLY FUCK yes
Me: draco...that, oh, god that's totally...*dies*
Me: *I might have to put this on LJ*

I love you, Snogalicious Draco. *worships*

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