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The Witching Hour Interview

praetorianguard and I are planning to schedule a chat for The Witching Hour sometime in the next couple of weekends. This chat will be conducted like a regular interview, with a variety of questions about the conference and what's happening at it, and Amy fielding them like the pro TWH expert she is.

However, I still have no questions from anyone. So I'm repeating my request from last month:

If you have any question, big or small, about the Witching Hour, be it the events, the accomodations, the logistics, the guests, the panels, anything at all--now's your chance to ask. Post the questions here, or email them to me directly at wayfairer@livejournal.com.

And please, pretty please, pimp this post around to as many HP fen as possible. I'd like to have a wide variety of questions, and I know if you're like me, you have a lot.


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