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Anonymous Meme. The A's.

You have had me friended forever but I can't remember if you've ever actually commented on one of my posts, or I yours. I'm not complaining, however. You're interesting!

I don't really know what's up with you these days. But this is all my fault, not yours. I'm out of touch.

You haven't written H/D fic in AGES. I miss your fic. Though I fear you stopped writing in protest of all the badfic, which actually may not have been a bad idea.

I miss chatting with you, and I wished I knew how you were doing.

I miss your fic.

I miss your taste in music. You should start posting mp3 links. I would die of happiness.

Congratulations to you and I really hope you meant what you said about all the friends you have here! We're due for another trip to the Trojan Horse, I'd say.

I don't enjoy your posts as much as I used to. But it's okay. I couldn't dream of defriending. ♥

I really know nothing about you. Must remedy this.

You're far more talented a writer than you realise.


I feel guilty that you live so close and we've never met. This may look like brush-offs on my part but it's basically me being a spazz and never remembering to email you to say, "hey, when are you free?"

You have no idea how sheepish I was when I realised you'd had another LJ for like a YEAR and I hadn't realised it and had just been going, 'man, I miss her posts.' --and how relieved I felt when you friended me on the new one, haha! I'm glad you haven't gone anywhere.

I don't comment on your posts nearly enough to give the impression that I read them all, and that I am constantly impressed by your coolness. But such is the case. You rule. And you need to write more H/D.

I wish I knew you better, because I really like the little I know. I'm not sure how to do that. I suspect you should probably post more. :)

I hope you're coming to The Witching Hour because you're somebody I'd really like to chat with.

Are you back from Oregon permanently now? Because if you are, I can make plans to drag you up here for a visit. :D

You're one person I'd love to meet in person---I feel like we'd click and I'd understand you SO much better afterwards.

I'm still waiting for you to write your other magnificent H/D novella, but I hang around reading your LJ because you write the best short posts ever.

I have a secret that I need to impart to you, that has been burdening me basically since I've known you--so for what, 2 years at least now. I think telling you this could really, really help you, but it won't be an easy thing to hear. Still, I couldn't bear watching you suffer more disappointment, so I hope I can tell you soon.

I admire you and what you do, so so much. And I miss you even though we've only met once. ♥

What happened to the plan to move to California? Did it get scrapped because of the monstrosity that is American politics? Or did other things happen?

We never chat anymore. :( I miss you. <3

I just had a whole huge conversation with someone about how wanky your posts and ideas and opinions are. Sincerely. SO WANKY. And I love it. Never change. <33333

How are we doing, ever since that whole rpg debacle? I think we're okay, but sometimes I'm not sure. :|

Someday we'll know why I wasn't meant for your friends list.
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