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A few things.....

1) I am behind on email. Way fucking behind. I owe emails to everyone on the planet. So this is a huge huge huge apology to all of you. Soon, I promise. Soon.

2) After reading your latest post I just want to send out yet another hug to any and all Veela types. I do agree with you, David. I think we need crucio, or at least *a* crucio in our fandom lives. I've always really enjoyed her journals even when I've felt like she was saying quite adamantly that LUW was one big cliche. Hell, in my adoring fangirl reverie, I never realized how cliched it was until I read crucio's journal.

But as far as I'm concerned, any time you bridge the gap between honest criticism of a fic and criticism of the writer as an individual, you lose a great deal of credibility and reliability as a critic. Is LUW overrated? Absolutely. I'm amazed continually at the response it gets, I'm amazed at the places I see it recced, and I'm amazed that I haven't yet had anybody flame me or at least criticize it honestly the way I think it needs to be criticized.

And here's the thing. I think that good, honest criticism, the way Crucio at least at one point *tried* to do, is a compliment. I don't say that just because I'm a theatre critic. I say that because as a writer I want to improve. And if you think my story is holy ground, that I'm untouchable and without fault-- or worse, if you think that it's a bad thing to criticize me because of *who* I am-- then where does that leave me as a writer? Letting the bad aspects of my writing grow right along with my ego, is where. *Not* a good thing. My ego can always handle criticism. On the rare occasion that I beta/edit for anyone I always tell them that I wouldn't be so harsh on them if I didn't love their story and feel like I was giving it the kind of critique it deserved. That's what I loved about crucio. I didn't think she would have been so harsh on each of us if she didn't honestly love the fandom and want to set us straight on a few things.

But now? Now I don't know. Now I think that was bullshit and she had her agenda just like the rest of us. Point of fact is that it doesn't matter. Hopefully around these parts, each of my friends can exchange criticisms of fics with me and not have it be some huge issue about whether or not one of us is man enough to take it, be objective, etc. because let's face it, we love each other and that won't change. Period.

I have completely, completely lost my point, if there ever was one. Something about peace, love, happiness, and oh, yeah. congrats to you.

3) Nellie, the person who drew the Draco_101 banner would be my good friend adi_das. She's amazing. Everyone go check out her artwork here.

4) A brief exchange with pegkerr has left me nostalgic for my first, very first fandom experience. With Jane Austen fans and the Republic of Pemberley. I *really* need to email Spring. *sigh* I miss the blatant happiness of that place. In some ways they remind me of FA. But, I also sensed early on that the RoP was loyal to itself and itself alone--if one of their own messed up then you threw them to the sharks. I've never ever felt that about FA, completely the opposite in fact. But I do still long for the days when I could say, "I am all astonishment!" and everyone would know exactly what I was talking about. And then there was the whole Tatooed Darcy thing, which... yeah. anyway. Moving right along.

5) Look at the results on these Royalty thing quizzes. Doesn't it figure that I'd be the female equivalent of whatever male thing I was? I took the guy's test first. Then the girl's. Question, why does *every* fucking test that's gender-oriented have to ask the women what clothes you feel comfortable in? do women automatically have to pass the clothes test to be considered legitimate women? Gah! Sexism! Sexism! *grumbles*

Which Royalty Are You? Find out! By Nishi.

Which Royalty Are You? Find out! By Nishi.

6) Can somebody tell me what episode we're up to on Smallville? Aja, who hasn't had a tv with working reception for nearly 2 years, and can only download eps on her computer, just watched ep #17 last night and was nailed to the floor by the intensity of it all. I said, damn. But kazaa only has through ep. 17 and I'm going, okay, what does that mean? How far behind am I? *looks pleadingly at SV fans for assistance*

7) I'll end with another link to Snogalicious Draco: the scarf pic that we mentioned last post. And also with a fic rec: I don't know who she is or where she is or anything about her, but she's written a superb story called "Draco Malfoy and the Heart of Slytherin." Have been meaning to recommend this for about two months. There you go. Enjoy.

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