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Woe. In addition to still not being able to send email at all to anybody, I just logged into my email and discovered that thanks to an email virus that just came into my inbox, every single fucking message in my inbox has completely disappeared. This is the second time in about three months this has happened; as you can guess, I'm more than a little pissed, especially as I've never heard of a virus that eats only the messages in your inbox even when it's quarantined.

I just lost so many messages that I hadn't backed up anywhere. I could cry. I just might. Anyway, woe. If anybody needs to email me you can still use my regular email; but if you've sent me something major recently, you'll have to send it all over again. Wah.

Thanks to everybody who's left such thoughtful responses to my poll. I realise it's a really limiting poll in some ways, but that was partially intentional and partially because I was in a hurry. Good things about today: Georgette Heyer and Lemony Snicket. Bad things about today: not getting any writing done (except for a boring page of Heyer slash (Gervase/Martin) that I scribbled frantically in the middle of The Quiet Gentleman when I couldn't take anymore), email viruses eating my inbox, and really, really not looking forward to what's coming at work tomorrow. Or what's coming, in general.

I've been gobbling up A Series of Unfortunate Events for the past two weeks. I'm 3 books away from the end and I'm appalled that I'm about to run out of books and then there'll be no more and I won't know what happens, and it will be awful. I really really like these books. They're so clever and witty and strong, and I think I'm a little appalled at how much I relate to the Baudelaire children--but then, don't we all?

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