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Your must-read link of the day, courtesy of mroctober:

The Gay and Straight Alliance club at Manchester High School has announced that they will have speaker and author Greg Herren speak during third period on March 11. Mr Herren writes gay erotic fiction and gay and lesbian psychodrama. His books include Upon A Midnight Clear Queer Christmas Tales and Fratsex, and he has written for the Harvard Gay and Lesbian Review, the Washington Blade and Unzipped Monthly. ... Is this appropriate material for our children? Is this an appropriate way for school time to be used? Are students allowed to miss class all day for any other speakers? Who appproved this speaker? Who is picking up the tab for this event? ... A student was suspended this year at Manchester for downloading pornography at school. If you view the enclosed attachment, you will wonder why that student was expelled when this author is welcomed. ... If you believe that Mr. Herron's presence at Manchester High School is inappropriate, please let your voice be heard.

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