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We had our big meeting today at work. And I'm reminded why I love my boss. It's so refreshing to basically hear her voice every concern I had and address it--I feel completely less alone, less frustrated, and--first time I've felt this way since school started back 12 weeks ago--*encouraged*. I didn't realise until she told me I'd handled something very well this morning how much I just needed to hear encouragement.

Ah. So now everything feels so so nice. And timely and fortunate, too, because after last night I *really* needed this meeting to go well. I was so stressed out and upset about a lot of things. Today everything in my life feels just a bit more manageable. Which is a blessing, really and truly.

In other news, I'm reading Georgette Heyer steadily this week--a diet of Georgette and children's lit, ah, it does wonders for the soul--and I picked up Faro's Daughter. earthquake1906 was kind enough when we met last in Boston 18 months ago to loan me her entire collection, and I have treasured it ever since. Whoever owned this particular book before her, however, has done the most amusing thing; they've gone through the book wherever they see instances of grammatical slang, and scratched out the word with a pen. For phrases like, "Damme, it don't fatch!" our Former Book Owner has scratched out don't and written "doesn't" off to the side or overhead--over and over again. It's incredibly amusing--almost as amusing as the note My Lady Savant wrote in the front cover:

Entertaining--more direct than Miss Cartland.

More than Miss Cartland, indeed.

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