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Dear LJ,

There is no Kinsey rant yet because my computer keeps freezing and it keeps killing said rant. My computer seems to think it has a virus. Woe.

Speaking of woe, I've trimmed my friends list tonight. Which is always cause for angst so just know that I will still be reading all the journals that I trimmed, I just wanted to unclutter my friends page a bit. You are all much loved and there will be no hard feelings if you reciprocate. ♥

Fuck computer is freezing again. You know the worst part? I can't watch House. Or listen to mp3s. AT ALL.

Good things about today: finally getting pc to load long enough to actually check LJ. Also, Starbucks white chocolate latte ice cream, and organic salsa and chips. Also, reading Georgette Heyer. Also, loving my job again. Yay.

Bad things about today: virii. WOE.

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