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I have time and motivation to write for the first time in ages. And where, *where* has my muse gone? bloody far away, that's where! i have no wit! nothing! draco and harry are sitting twiddling their thumbs.


Random Questions for all you HP types.

1) what do you do when you need a quick-fix of inspiration to write?
2) what kind of fic would you rather write, moody, angsty, fluffy, parody, what?
3) what's your favorite story you've ever written, and why? where's the link so i can read it?
4) what's the last fic you reviewed and what sorts of things did you say?
5) do you find it hard to write smut? what in your opinion makes a good smut fic?
6) following the example of Slytherlynx, what are your Desert Island Fics? The fics you cannot do without no matter what?
7) What's the last thing you read that brought you near tears?
8) What's the last thing you read that had you smiling all day?
9) What's the last thing you read that stayed with you for days afterwards?
10) Why, when you get right down to it, why do you love your favorite ship so much?

*nods, bows out*

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