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I am NOT getting over today for a while. More specifically, I'm not getting over the amazing, surprise-filled day that this is for Alex. I've *never* seen so many wonderful things combine for one wonderful person before.

First there's the fact of the *phone number.* Congratu-fucking-lations, love. I am soooooo happy about that.

Then there's the fact of the CG'd Snitch! Artwork by Sidhe and Laura.

Not to mention Cassie's Very Secret Diary.

Then there's the fact of the long-awaited much-anticipated opening of the Guns & Handcuffs. And its concomitant extras. We love you, Alex.

Then there's the simply stunning fact that his fanfiction made the New York Times.

I am... Nancy said it better than I did--it's as though Fate knew just what Alex needed. And what he deserved.

Happy birthday, Alex. May every good thing happen to you and for you this year. We love you dearly.

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