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I jgot Nancy hooked on Gabe

oh my god. I just had a conversation about how I could totally slash Penny Arcade.

Veronicaaaaaaaaaa.....*weeps* what have you DONE to me????

Fictional crushes, just because "Bandwagon" is my middle name--actually it's not, it's "Fair," as in "Vanity," but whatever:

1) Mr. Knightley. I am looking for Mr. Knightley. Yes, that's Jane Austen. no, he doesn't have to look like Jeremy Northam, although that would ba preferable. He just has to be able to laugh at me, realize how imperfect I am, and still love me. mmmm.

2) Draco Malfoy. Okay, part of me thinks this is misleading because in a way I *am* Draco. But hell, aren't we all? Draco's narcissism is mine as well, and I find it irresistibly sexy. Purrrrrrr. Oh, but I *only* crush over him as the complete and utter True Love of one Harry Potter. He's obsessed. He needs Harry. Needs to show Harry how much Harry needs him. They're perfect for each other. And my crush on Harry Potter gets filtered into an all-consuming Love Of Malfoy as a result. I'm quite happy about this setup.

3) Mr. Darcy. Oh, shut up, you know you want him too.

4) Gabe!! Yes! Penny Arcade Gabe! I love him!!!

5) Howard Roark, from the Fountainhead. you guys are all, woah, dude, with the intellectual shit, yo. But seriously. Maybe it's because I actually fell in love with him, or with his real-life incarnation. Maybe it's because I like Frank Lloyd Wright. I love his integrity, his doggedness, his "this is the WAY" aura that just makes you want to go wherever he'll follow. Not unlike Harry. Only he's older and knows how to use his dick and, I'm rambling now. Yeah. Objectivism? No, I'll just take him from the waist down.... sheesh.

Have just listened to "Call and Answer" by the BNL for like the 30th time on loop. I love this song. I get lost in it. I have no idea what I am saying. *hits "post" before can go off on a big ramble or blahhhhhh*

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