let's get the seven lines. (bookshop) wrote,
let's get the seven lines.

An incomplete list of fic I wish I were writing right now.

- my yuletide fic (LOL the method of extreme procrastination that has served me from year to year continues to work admirably so far!)

- the Miss A fic set during the making of Bad Girl/Good Girl when they make Fei keep her hand on Min's ass for hours straight, and Min just keeps making her enjoy it. :D

- (i hate hogwarts crossovers, i know i know i know, but) exuberant Ariadne goes to Prof. Vector to find out if there's any way she can squeeze Arithmancy into her coursework even though she's already got a full schedule; turns out another girl, that bushy-haired Gryffindor, has been asking the same question. Reluctantly, Prof. Vector tells them about a magical device that can slow down time, turn five minutes into an hour, and open their minds to worlds they never dreamed possible...........

- the Regency AU, or maybe the slave AU, or maybe the Regency Slave AU :))))

- the fic where Cobb starts scheduling regular time in his planner for Arthur and Eames to smolder at each other, and then everyone gets in on the plan, and it turns into an 'everyone makes them do it' fic that is really an excuse for arthur and eames to communicate their undying love via eye twitch. and, eventually, via rim jobs.

- the BOURNE IDENTITY AU, which I am positive has been prompted on the meme before, but the point is that if gav is not going to do her duty by this prompt then SOMEONE SHOULD.

- the faculty AU where Eames steals Arthur's research and Arthur gets him fired for incompetence, and obviously it's true love. Actually this is a lie, Cathy should be writing this, not me. :D

- seriously like a dozen Miss A AUs, including the one where they're tennis rivals <3, and the one where they plot to take over JYP productions, and the one where they team up with SNSD and become international spies.

- COCKSLUT ARTHUR, idk idk it is like Jacob Marley, it's going to follow me around waving its chains in my face until i relent and buy Tiny Tim a turkey. where Tiny Tim = fandom, and i think we all know what the turkey is.
Tags: inception

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