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Big Bang HD

In case you haven't seen this all over your friends page like I have this morning...

we're live!

What a trip it's been. I have been so overwhelmed by the outpouring of enthusiasm for this project, both from the community of artists and the community of h/d writers and fans, since its inception. Shaggy and Reena and I have had such a blast putting it together. Seriously. They are the reason my gmail is at a whopping 8% of quota. :D We have been talking about this challenge almost literally every day since December. And now it's a reality. A wonderful reality.

I cannot say enough how amazing the contributions to this challenge have been. So I'll just shut up, and point you there, so you can see for yourself.

Also, check out andreanna's other fabulous banner art for the community.

To our 5 amazing authors and our 16 fabulous fanartists, and of course to my loveliest of co-mods, thank you, so very much.
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