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Japanese voice actors routinely break away and form slashy pop bands based on their anime series???

They dance and sing and play awful pop music as if their characters were on tour????

Holy Jebus anime is the greatest thing EVER. o.O


This afternoon's phone conversation with spaggel consisted of me running around a tennis court dodging exploded animal crackers, screaming "I DENY EVERYTHING!!!!" while Spaggel yelled "You're like one of those greasy men who's all "Don't touch me you're GAY" while you secretly go out and take it up the ass every night! You're an ANIMEPHOBE! YOU KEEP YOUR MANGA IN THE CLOSET WHERE NO ONE CAN SEE!" while across the court my housemate yelled things like "TWISTO-SERVO!" and pelted me with tennis balls.

*weakly* I deny everything.

*wonders if Aozu plans to tour the U.S.*
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