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So, I'm currently re-reading HBP, and taking copious amounts of notes this time, because there is just SO MUCH I want to think about and say and discuss later. If you're looking for a 'state of the H/D union' post from me, you're going to have to wait a bit, because the first thing on my mind is actually Snape, the second thing on my mind is Harry and the horcrux, and the third thing on my mind is how to do justice to the thoughts about Harry and Draco that are really important to me just at the moment. Except that apparently the third thing really *is* the first thing, because i'm a lame shipper who can't stop talking about the thing that matters most."

See, the point to me, really, is not that my ship has suddenly gained validity through canon. What's happened is that for the last four years, I, Verdant, Sister M, Black Dog, Reena, Amalin, Dorrie, EQ, and so many other fabulous shippers have been making the argument that Harry/Draco is a legitimate reading of canon because Harry and Draco need each other to grow stronger.--to do the things they both have to do. We've argued that their canon dynamic needed to change. We've argued that an awareness of Harry's inherent need to look at Draco and see him as human is vital to his ability to defeat Voldemort. We've shipped H/D, not for the sake of shipping two strong-willed rivals with each other, but because we wanted so desperately to see addressed somehow the issue of Draco Malfoy and what he was in Harry's life.

And now canon has done that; canon has shown us that in all these years we weren't wrong to believe that Harry needed to deal with Draco Malfoy, and that Draco needed to be given a chance to come into his own, to not remain a sidelined cardboard bully. And I'm not expressing myself well, because I'm still kind of full of amazement at how Draco's role has exploded and how much pure and utter wish-fulfillment HBP was for me. But the point is that it's not that canon has given me more reason to ship them together; it's that I shipped them because of all that I saw unaddressed in canon, and now suddenly canon itself has done what I never thought would happen, and finally, wonderfully, taken their dynamic to the next level, the level H/D shippers have been yearning for.

I don't want to give the impression that all I'm thinking about right now is how the book has affected my ship--I keep seeing so many posts on my friends list that are reacting to all the ships in this book, and that's absolutely not how I'm feeling right now. I'm not overwhelmed because of possibilities for romance (though the idea of at least two more years of H/D fic that begins with this canon dynamic instead of the one OOTP left us with is inexpressibly joyous to me) but because of the possibilities it opens up for Book Seven.

The bottom line is that we were right. We were So. Fucking. Right about Harry and Draco in canon. Harry had to experience this. The shift, the moment when he stopped seeing Draco as a millstone round his neck and started seeing him as real, as human, as someone with a choice--it had to happen. Because, as I discussed with Amalin earlier today, it just means so much--Draco becoming that person, fulfilling his role, and not being the stereotype Harry sees in him: it just means everything about the book's stated beliefs in good and evil, in equality and maturation, in growth and acceptance and love.

{concrete spoilers follow}

There's a reason Dumbledore tells Harry over and over again that he has what Tom Riddle doesn't have--the ability to love. There is a reason that conversation comes after Harry's encounter with Draco in Myrtle's bathroom and right before Draco's confrontation with Dumbledore. It's because Dumbledore isn't just talking about Harry's ability to feel love as an emotion. It's love as compassion--as a higher, spiritual understanding and acceptance of everyone's humanity. Because Harry needs to understand in action how love works. He doesn't love Draco, but for the first time, he can see Draco's *humanity.* It's his ability to love even Draco's humanity that has him on his knees crying "No..." after his accidental attack on Draco during the bathroom scene. And it's his realization of this that allows him to see Draco and perceive him, for the first time, without any judgments whatsoever during that final Draco-Dumbledore confrontation. It's this that enables him to be concerned for Draco even after it's all over. It's this that will, eventually, enable him to make the next step--the hardest challenge of all, perhaps: the step towards forgiveness of Snape, which will, I believe, become the last hurdle on his way to developing what he needs to defeat Voldemort.

(Because Snape? Dude. NOT EVIL. but that's for another post.)

But just. Just that--that we saw that, that the G&H shippers and our ilk have been saying it for so long and despairing so often (especially after OOTP) that it would never happen, that Draco was forever destined to remain a cipher. And now, six books in, to have our faith so undeniably rewarded, and in such a way--where it became not only a theme of the book but the theme of the book.

It feels so amazing I'm never going to be able to do it justice.

But really, do you need an H/D commentary post from me, or anyone? I mean, MY GOD. If you really want to talk shippiness, you'd certainly be entitled. If the Remus/Sirius shippers can spend the last two years being convinced that Remus/Sirius is canon because of one bloody Christmas present, then as far as I'm concerned, Harry/Draco shippers can go on as much as they like about how their ship is "canon." Because the H/D ship from a canon perspective has gained, from this book, at least as much legitimacy as Harry/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, and Ron/Hermione.

So, H/D shippers--now that we've all recovered from having been knocked flat on our asses, let's get up and fucking DANCE.

(Oh, and if you still insist on looking for shipper commentary, you thirsting OTP-er, you, hie you over to monochromal's lovely post, or miint's, which says it all.)


In other news, all of you people who were so eager and convinced that I should watch Hikaru no Go after Prince of Tennis failed to mention to me that it was an anime about A BOARD GAME. A BOARD GAME.

Oi. Vey. I am through the first three eps. I don't know what you guys are slashing, but right now Akira/Hikaru isn't doing anything for me, and Sai/Akira seems to be the most obvious ship I can see. And I don't know that I can get into ghost slash. theirloveissotransparent? I dunno. And "His translucent member" just doesn't have quite the same ring to it.

*waves OTP flag* Harry/Draco forever and ever and ever. Amen.
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