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Poll #536202 Eking Sweet Revenge

How should I get orphne back for the great LJ redecoration?

You shouldn't. You brought the cat ears upon yourself, you otaku freak.
Redecorate *her* lj, of course!
Write awful Han/Luke slash and post it under her name
^_^ *chink!*
take down her website and put up a shrine to angst goth poetry in its place.
read all the slashy passages of Book 6 aloud to her until she crumbles and reads the book! Or, you know. Until she crumbles.
...but I thought Orphne was your made-up alter-ego?
this calls for a massive lj overhaul. a change of icons. and interests. and bio. and... and...
/:) you could make a poll, obviously.
You shouldn't. Cat ears! Sugoi! *_*

Suggest something suitably eeeeeevil for the purpose.

while we're here, tell me something wonderful about Harry/Draco, or Book 6. Or Harry/Draco *in* Book 6. I'm not picky. :D

Something I neglected to mention earlier: Kimmie's package came yesterday! Oh!!! It was *fabulous!* And my housemates were all .... because mmmdraco sent me A MANGA SAMPLER. ♥ and ANIME. and DOUJINSHI! and a drawing of Echizen adfjas;lkdfsdfa <3333333333333. And I'm all 'EEE! MORE HIKARU NO GO! EEEE!' and they're all *glares of hatred*--which I could feel even though they were not actually in the room. Hee. Thank you so so so soooo much, Kimmie.

Okay, so I don't exactly hate hikaru no go. Rather, I put up with the fact that it's ABOUT A FRIGGIN' BOARD GAME so that I can enjoy the site of Akira and Hikaru completely obsessing over each other. Though it's not so much slashy as sort of cute and 'wtf'-y, because, once again, IT'S A BOARD GAME.

I don't know why this matters so much, haha. If it were Chess I probably would feel completely differently. As it is, however, I'm enjoying the show, and also enjoying yelling "IT'S A BOARD GAME" at the characters when things get too silly. And because Kimmie sent me the first 27 eps I happily raced through them, and am now eager to watch the rest, because Akira and Hikaru are about to have another match and since the whole point of the series is for them to play for each other, I confess to a high level of interest in seeing how it turns out.

And would not be adverse to HnG slash recs. Just because it is obviously the thing to do. I agree with whoever said that Akira and Hikaru have the collective libido of moss on a rock, but they're young yet. And they have that whole passionate obsession thing down pat.

I am at work. I wish to be at home. Perhaps will just leave early! Summertime, and the livin' is, indeed, quite amenable.

I have all that revenge to wreak, after all. T'will be a busy night.
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