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Orphne says I never finish this meme when I do it and I only ever get halfway through. Is that really true? Anyway, here it is again, and it's all done this time. So Nyah.

I love playing these games! This is the 'minimalist' filter. which basically is my 'journals i never want to filter' filter. er. yeah. If you can see this, then somewhere below is a comment addressed to you and only you. (or your duplicate journal, if you have one. hee.) :D

I don't remember off the top of my head which is your real life and which is your fandom journal. they sort of blend together for me. but this is because i haven't been following your lj closely enough lately, and for that i am sorry.

I miss you SO MUCH. I wish you were still able to comment and update regularly, but I know you have good reasons for not doing so. :( I will be thinking of you so often in October, in Salem, and remembering the day you and Jules first took me there 2 years ago. Thank you for that trip--for that part of it. Staying with you was one of the best memories I'll ever have. ♥ I love and look up to you from a distance more than you'll ever know.

So, like, I was telling Sam the other day how I love that we have reached the point where we can drive each other crazy and still trust that we will always be friends. I love that about us. And I have not forgotten about your Christmas present. Which is now a christmas-slash-birthday present. Wah.

Youuuuuuu will not know this is about youuuuu because it is your duplicate journal and you will probably not think to check twice. But in case you do, gosh I love you. I hope nothing ever ever ever changes between us, or that, if it does, it changes for the closer and the stronger, like a Sondheim song whose second verse never arrives. ♥

You're really sexy. *blush* especially when you're being bitchy. I adore you. You should bitch more frequently and more often. Also, you should finish your fic. ♥

i sometimes secretly think that the two of us are the glue holding the h/d ship together. only, like, your glue is meta, and mine is just goo.

your parents are strangely psychotic in a cute and occasionally unnerving way. they should let you receive phone calls. >:/ i wish the world knew how cute you are. i wish that you would write pot fic. i wish you liked tezuka. i wish that you had not been the first 3 fuji commenters because then i would not feel guilty about wanting the fuji commenter to turn out to be someone wildly and wickedly handsome! not that i could not find you wildly and wickedly handsome, but it would not be quite the same, as it would be like having a crush on my sister. which, considering you were standing in for fuji, might not be that inappropriate. oh dear. by the way, you are going to respond to this comment with /:). though, having read that, you might choose to say 'oh aja' instead, just to thwart my expectation.

i squealed so much when i realised that this username was related to Echizen. why are we not experiencing the first blush of our pot infatuations at the same time? it makes me weep. :(

it's really just a coincidence that you two are right beside each other in this meme. i sort of wish i were keeping more in touch with you right now, miss milliways. i miss you and hope you're doing well. remember, you have a standing invitation to jaunt down and see me some weekend. <3

I thought of you sunday, and sort of hoped you and your lively British accent would show up in armchair chat. also, in case i didn't make it clear, i do very much appreciate the OTP validation coming from you. huzzah. :>

You are a duplicate journal used mostly for fic! I liked it when you were secretive and only a few people knew who you were. Now it is not as secretive, but it's still cool, because your username always makes me think of a play by Steve Martin called Picasso at the L----, which I once got to review and which I found delightful. Much like you. <3

I love your username. It reminds me of malfoyeatscock only backwards. Also, I love beyond anything that you changed your name and then changed it back again. :)) <333333333 Which is all just to say, I wish I knew you better.

You have, like, dropped off the face of the earth. You will probably see this and resurface long enough to show me pictures of your new haircut before dropping off again. :(

MISS YOU. also *really* looking forward to your take on HBP.

I secretly hope, despite what I said the other day, that you have changed your mind and have decided that our OTP is meant to last forever. ♥

Hello! You like Fuji! Your drawings are on my wall! I really want to ask you to draw Tezuka but you might think I was weird! Also I miss talking to you! Shinji! Grip tape! ♥!

I'M REALLY GLAD THINGS WORKED OUT WELL WITH D. :| You seem like such a great couple, it makes me so happy :((

I enjoy your friendship quite a lot. It is not like we are the types to be open and cuddly about it or anything, but I really enjoy our conversations. AND ALSO THE EMAILS.

you are a tad bit scary sometimes because you are so forceful, but you also, as you hear frequently, are so cool it hurts. oh! and also, i am still on your friends list! yay!

I really like this lj's layout, better than your main one, in fact.



You are a goddess with two livejournals. And the cover of your novel is gorgeous. :-<

OH MY DARLING. er. that's really all i have to say. Oh! I am not available for being squeed upon much this week. Which makes me sad. Because I have not squeed with you and had you scream in my ear in far, far too long. *loves*

You no longer intimidate me. HOWEVER. I had a momentary pang wherein I was not sure whether you were serious about returning to the H/D fandom, or whether my heartstrings were being cruelly tugged and mocked.

You are frustrating. And also your heart is too big. But that is the frustrating part, you know, because no matter how much you want to, you can't fix other people's problems just by loving them enough.

You are beautiful, small, and shy. That is a line from a song, by the way. I am not hitting on you or anything. It just reminds me of you. :)) ♥

I really, really can't wait to see you again. I'm so excited about October. SO excited. And I've loved talking to you more lately. Let's not stop.

I never feel like I know you well enough to dote upon you as much as I do. I miss you. How are you? I should send you an email.

I don't comment on them, but I loved it when you'd make posts bitching about your job, haha. And your posts bitching about things like clothes and going to the gym, and stuff. You're just a really good bitcher. Which is awesome considering how sweet you really are. It's great fun and I adore knowing you. ♥

The one thing I really wish is that you were going to the Witching Hour--I don't think you are!--because you are one of the people in fandom I would most love to meet and chat with and squee over H/D with. And I would fangirl you. I love your fics so so so so so so so much, and I never feel like I make that clear enough.

I think you could be one of the most brilliant people in fandom if only you'd open your mouth more. Also, I really want to call you and leave you another silly voice mail again. ♥

I've known you a few short months and I already angst over you. I thought I had a huge crush on you! And then I thought maybe it was a huge crush on your lj persona. And then I thought maybe it didn't matter! And then I stopped talking to you because I was confused about the issue. And now you think I'm ignoring you. Which is not the case because I ignore everyone on YM because talking takes energy, and I can still call you and leave you useless messages and yammer on about anime to you as well, which is lots of fun. But that does not answer my dilemma of this crush business. I think it is mostly that I thought it would be *nice* to have a crush on you, because you are really nice and fun and hot and talented. But for now, I am just really happy I know you, and I will keep you posted about the whole mad loving thing. ♥

Don't you love how I COMPLETELY IGNORE your birthday in order to yammer at you about Draco? Dude. I tried to call you the night of but my cell was dead, and I tried to make a birthday post about it to LJ the next day but my connection was dead also. So what do I say when I see you? "WHAT ABOUT DRACO, HO?" I am full of love and light. It helps that I know you love this about me. You know, secretly I hope Momo is insanely jealous of me and just waiting for me to swoop down from Bloomington and steal you away from her in the middle of the night. Because, apart from the harpy-esque aspect of that image, that would be pretty damn cool, wouldn't it? And then I could kidnap you and the RQ to The Place and orgies would ensue. W00t. Let's throw in Ty and Gabe from PA while we're at it, too. And Johnny Depp. Hell yeah. There's a fantasy.

I love your new lj name, but I miss your old lj, because that was just *you*, you know? Still, I really think it's great that you got a new lj for this next exciting new phase in your life. I don't want to miss any of it, either. You're going to do great things, kiddo. *hug*

Hello! Orphne doesn't like you because you ruined the "Orp" monopoly she has going on my friends list. :D But I think this is quite silly of her, because you are a smart and intelligent lurker who I find incessantly fascinating. I have not read your HBP posts yet but I expect to find them likewise incessantly fascinating when I do. WHO ARE YOU? Also, you should write more fic.

Hello! You have never ever ever made a post in your journal. You are on this filter because when/if you ever do, I want to be the first to know. <3

And yet another duplicate journal! I love this journal name. I love both your journal names, really. Also, I love the equity of your two journals, that you are likely to post something just as lovely just as frequently on one as you do the other. Obviously I cannot part with either. Or any piece of you! ♥

Oh, another duplicate journal! Only, honestly, this is one duplicate journal I don't often like reading anymore, because sometimes the things that get posted there make me a bit :(, which makes me sense that I have lost touch with its owner. That really makes me :(.

You are a duplicate journal, one of my favorite duplicate journals, actually, because you are so lovely and secretive and quiet, just as a duplicate journal ought to be. Though I would expect nothing less from the person who made you. I hope that person does not change her regular journal name.

I laughed SO HARD re-reading our conversation from the other day. Did you know that lately I have been thinking (and this has nothing to do with anime and everything to do with watching you last year) of moving to Japan and teaching English there? It just seemed like you grew so much from that, not that you weren't always extremely mature and, like, well-grown and things, but it just strengthened you somehow. I don't know how I know that as I am still not keeping up with you as much as I should, but I do. And it just makes me admire you that much more. Incidentally, I think Cartographies of Desire is the BEST name for a book ever. The Barbara Cartland of academia, really.

I think lately--oh, in the last 5 months-ish--we have been growing apart, and I am not sure why that is except that 1) i had no computer and 2) you have been busy and only half-in-fandom-ish. But I feel like there's a distance between us now, and that really makes me sad, because you're one of the people in fandom I would wish always to feel close to. I'm really, *really* looking forward to finally meeting you in October. I think that will just clear everything right up. :D

You are one of the most loving-hearted people I've ever known. I'm so glad that I know you. :) And you comment on my journal far more than I comment on yours which ought to make me feel guilty except it doesn't because between us there is nothing but love and more love! this is a very nice thing.

You are a goddess. You will never love me. I cannot wait til next March.
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  • Things and Sundry.

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